1.12 – The things I remember.

Her plan to have it wait a while until Ilari moved in failed, or well, it just didn’t end that way. He in the end spent so much time there, that he had effectively moved it, without really making it into something official. That had now been a few years ago, and neither off them had mentioned the moving in thing again.

“What’s on your mind?”
A lot of stuff.
The things you still won’t talk to me about.”

She still held back a bit on telling him about their previous lives together, it almost felt like she could break the magic of this odd round if she did. On the other hand, she knew he deserved to know. She even had a rather long fight with her father about it.. that and other things.

Nono, don’t go into wherever your head was slipping.
How about.. I take you somewhere?
Yeah, just out, a date if you want to call it that.

He just smiled, before taking her hand and dragging her with him. He had after these years with her realized there was a lot of sorrow hidden under that smile she almost always had up, he just had to find a way to get her to open up about it.. and he had a plan.

“How did you know about this place.”
Well.. we have been here before, haven’t we.. just not this round?
“Well.. you aren’t wrong.. but this place has changed a little since then.”
I just remembered something was here.

And I am not sure.. but I think I remember one of the things you are not telling me.. or not wanting too.
We never had kids.. in any life did we?
“Ehm.. no.”

She could see him thinking, as working so hard to remember just why, and as little as she wanted to have to go through this part again, the fact that he knew, made it a lot easier.

“Part of my punishment was the loss of any ability to have children.. and well.. having to tell you every time that it was a no go.”
Dam.. that is harsh..
“At first it didn’t seem that way to me, until I understood the actual effect.”

Did I get angry with you?
“Sometimes.. or sad, honestly the sad was worse..”
Well, I won’t be either this time.. I understand. But.. odd question, did you ever adopt?
“No.. it tended to never come up.”

She looked at him, wondering if he was actually suggesting it, or if he was just thinking out loud.

“I mean.. how do you explain that I don’t age to a child.. ?”
Do you let death be granddad and so on?

How about we think about it?
“About what?”
Well.. someday down the line, we adopt a kid?
“You’d want to?”
Of course.. I think it would be.. different, from anything else we have done.

He noticed the slight hesitation but decided not to push that for just now. He had pushed quite a bit allready

Don’t worry, I’ll do the right thing before that.”
“The right thing?”
Yeah.. you’ll see when we get to it.

“I think that sounds good.”
“Oh yeah.. my dad came by.. he wants to talk to you.”
Oh dear…
“I told him he had to wait a little longer, he decided after a bit of an argument to listen.”
Phew..I admit.. that still worries me.
“His bark is worse than his bite.. he does follow the natural order of things, unlike me.”

Still.. he is a touch scary to meet.. what if I say something wrong?
“He just wants to… eh.. make sure you understand..”
I guess I’ll just have to prove that I do.

To her, he allready had, but she knew that her father would have to be the final judge off that.

“I know this is the last thing you want to hear now..”
You have to go?
“Yes.. “
No phone though?
“No.. not all need a phone.. some you just know so well that you know.”

He remembered her telling him this, that when someone had been very sick for a long time, they met their reaper several times, so they in the end got to know each other so well that they simply knew when they were needed.

“Go, I’ll meet you back home.”

He stole a quick kiss before she vanished, leaving him sitting there alone, that part he still needed to get used too. He shook his head a bit, before heading home on his own.

Talk to death huh… right.. best start practicing asking for a hand at the same time..”

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