1.11 – Meeting a god

While Nat was watching their still alive one upstairs, Chris had the downstairs one. She was in an even worse state, having been shot three times.

I don’t want to die..
“I know, and if you keep on fighting, you might just get your wish.”

She did just that, this wasn’t her first encounter with Chris, they had met when she was a child and her parents were killed in a car crash. She had been called miracle child by the newspapers and the doctors, and here he was again, sitting with her keeping her hopes up.

I’m scared.”
“I know.. but as I said back then, there is nothing to be scared off.”
I’d still prefer not to leave..
“I’d prefer that too.. your not on my list until your old and gray.”

They both heard the sound of the siren’s telling them with a bit of luck, this might all be over soon.

“So how about you hang in there, just a little longer, and we can have our date later?”

It didn’t take the police long to get an overview of the situation, so the negotiations could start. Luckily the two were easily talked into letting the hurt go, leaving Nat and Chris to just wait on the outside, while the rest unfolded.

Oh yeah. Hayle wanted to invite you two for dinner.. if you feel up to it.
“Well.. I can ask, I mean.. he knows Hayle is a god.. and well, he knows what you are..”
“Well he is here isn’t he, working, so not sure he would feel up to dealing with all.. that?”
But you will still ask?
“Yes dumb-ass I will still ask.”

Good, and I think that’s our call.

The negotiations had ended, luckily avoiding any further bloodshed, leaving them to head off.

“I’ll ask, and message you, deal?”

“Dinner you say?”
“Yeah, Hayle wants to meet you, Chris too.”
“I guess it would be rude to turn down a god.”
“Nah, he’ll understand.”
“Meh, let’s go.”
“Okay.. but you might want to wear a thicker sweater, it’s kinda cold at their place.”

He remembered that Hayle could control ice and snow, so a part of him wasn’t all to surprised it might be cold where he lived. But he had to admit, he was a little nervous, meeting a god was just not your everyday run of the mill thing.

“I would appreciate it if you moved Felix… I don’t want cat hair in the dinner.”

Of course though, Felix was more interested in what was outside the window than listening to Hayle and moving. So once again, it became easier to just move himself and what he was doing.

Chris knew that Hayle had been a little nervous. Mostly about making at least a decent impression on Ilari, who he had heard a lot about, but was still to meet. Luckily for all of them, they got along just fine.

“I have to ask this.. have you ever frozen someone, without really wanting too.”
“No.. not yet, I could always try on you though.”
“Eh… I ehm..”
“Just kidding, I don’t want Nat to kill me, and I prefer not freezing people.”

It was wierd having such a random conversation with a god, but it was just something he had to get off his chest.

“Nat told me you play chess.”
“Yep, still learning though.”
“Up for a game with me?”
“Sure, if I loose, I can always freeze a toe.”

“I think I’d prefer my toe as it is really.”

Hayle just chuckled, focusing on the game while Nat and Chris were sitting in the sofa nearby talking. Ilari soon found Hayle was fairly modest with his skills in chess, so their talking died down as they both focused on winning the game.

“Well.. no toe freezing then, this time.”

Hayle nodded after having to accept he was check mate. He did hate loosing, but he hadn’t played chess for that long and knew he had much to learn.

After some more talking, movie watching and several cookies and cakes that Hayle wanted them to test, they decided it was time to leave. Ilari had work in the morning, and it was a lot of paperwork with what had happened earlier that day.

“Have you ever seen Hayle’s actual form?”
“Yeah.. a couple of times.”
“Oh no, you can ask him to show you one day if you want the details!”

“Meh fine..”

He had intended to go find a bed to sleep in, but he was tired, the couch was comfy, and he didn’t want to loose his blanket. It was an odd life he had stepped into, but he had to admit, he was kinda enjoying it. At least he could say it wasn’t boring.

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