1:10 – Relearning things

“I thought you said you wanted to take it slow.”
This is slow?
“You are here every day, I mean as long as I am home.”
I know..
“That’s not slow Ilari.. “
It just feels right hang here, like I’m home.

It was a statement she found hard to fight, it did feel like home when he was around, like she had a calm that she normally didn’t have.

“It’s still not slow.”
So screw slow then.

“Sorry, but no, you are not moving in here with me just yet.”
Awww, how come?
“There are a couple of more things you need to know.. and understand.”
Apart from your job being reaping, your death’s daughter, and your like million years old?
“Yes, on top of all that, there is more.”
Your best friend is married to a god.. hmh.. no.. I think that’s all I can think off right now.

She wasn’t quite sure why she held off on letting him move in. Maybe it was because it felt fast.. or because she knew what would eventually happen, one way or the other.

Until your ready to let me move in… can I ask you something?
“You can ask me anything.”
You mentioned the other reapers.. how come they never come along with Chris and Hayle?
“Ah… well Mark is busy with his wife most the time, and I think he is kinda scared off me.. the rest hate me and are scared of my dad.”

I can kinda understand them being afraid of death himself.. I mean.. I am kinda scared to meet him.
“You met him several times already though, he knows you, and you know him.”
Well.. okay, this round then.
“It’s because of what I can do.. and of course what I almost caused.”
The whole world ending thing?

They shunned her most the time. Of course when needed they would work with her, but other than that, they kept away from her and quite often Chris as well after he chose to stay her friend. Talking to Ilari about it, she realized though that most repears didn’t really hang out, they just worked together.

“Mostly, reapers work as a team, but other than that, I guess were all kinda solo flyers. Well, apart form me, Chris and now Mark who have touched more on the human side of life, with finding someone to share it with.”
Isn’t it hard to handle alone though?
“I think some prefer it that way, to just work, and then be alone. They were probably “loners” before they died.”
So.. you need to tell me how that works, the whole becoming a reaper.
“You won’t get that choice though.. remember?”
Oh.. yeah, I remember, I just want to know.

“So… reaper is a choice you get, if the one doing the job feels you might want to?”
“Yeah, those that have such a will to live.. that you can feel it.”
“Do all of them say yes?”
“No, not all, and even if they do, there are tests to pass.”

She was about to keep on going when she heard a beep from her phone.

“Yeah.. you.. well I am just going to say you should head to work.”
“Yeah.. and be careful later okay, no doing stupid things.”
Stupid things…?
“You know… risk of dying from being shot by crazy people in a bank.”
So… see you at work then.. or well.. eh.
“Hopefully not dumb-ass, that would mean you did something stupid.”

He was almost at work when his phone went off, telling him to come in as soon as he could. Hostage situation in the bank, several people hurt, and the people behind it threatening to kill even more if they weren’t given free passage.

It was quite a mess she arrived at. The two that were there had shot fairly wildly around them to make a point. She quickly helped those that had no chance to live, noticing Chris’s presence in the building, telling her that she had backup for the ones that might still live.

I was just… taking out money for my daughter..
“Wrong place, wrong time I’m sorry.”
Will she be okay?
“Kids are resilient, I am sure she will be.”

She wanted to tell her that everything would be okay, but she also hated lying. Having guided her on, she turned to the one on this floor, that still stood a chance.

“I’m screwed aren’t I?”
“Jury is still out on that, there might be time still.”
“With those people still in here?

They both heard the sirens coming closer, the young man looking up at him. She knew who he was, he was a up and coming model, who had several big contracts incoming.

I thought reapers only took people.. and well led them to the afterlife.
“We do, but as you are not dead yet, I’m not going to take you anywhere.. just yet.”
I guess.. if I live, I’ll have a nice couple of scars to show off.
“How will that work with your career?”
Wait.. you know?
“Yeah, I know all my customers.”

He tried to not laugh as it would hurt to much, but still a lite chuckle slipped out.

“Oh I can hear something about increased market value already.”
“Oddly, you don’t sound to happy about it.”
“It’s good money.. but it’s tiresome..”
“May I come with a suggestion?”
“Find something else on the side, something you love, something that makes the world less tiresome.”

“Looks like you’ll be okay, I see an ambulance down there.”

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