1:9 – You and I

She was surprised to get a message from him just a couple of days later, asking her to meet him at one of the cities best lounge bars. It had surprised her both to hear from him so soon, and where he wanted to go.

“This version of you.. it is different, yet familiar.”

She knew she had a couple of more stops along the way to get her work done, but she told him she would join him there soon.

“But… I…”
“I know..”

She hated having to reap them when it was sudden, and to make it even worse, when they were very young. No one had found this guys underlying heart condition, and now it was just to late.

“So where to now.”
“You’ll know when you get there, I promise its somewhere good.”

She watched him leave, before walking away, heading to what she really had no idea what to expect from.

I hope you don’t mind, I ordered you a drink, same as you ordered last.
“Nah, it’s fine.”
Busy day at work?”
“Not to bad, just a last minute customer that I had to help.”

She noticed the way he was looking at her, it made her slightly uncomfortable if she was honest.

Sorry.. I know I keep looking at you.”
Okay.. I was thinking I was insane, but I think I need to talk to you about this.

He motioned for them to move a bit away from everyone else, making her wonder what this would bring.

I’m sorry.. I know I am being all weird and creepy.”
“Eh.. kinda?”
But I need to know.. do I know you.. I mean..
“Know me?”
Yes.. from before.. sometime else, I don’t know how to explain..

She didn’t know what to say either. She knew the rules of this was clear, she was not to tell him much.. but this, he was pretty much asking her something she would normally try and tell him after a few years, to see how their time would be.

I am just messing all this up aren’t I.. I mean I sound like a rambling idiot.”
Yeah I am, I can hear myself.. but I can’t get you out of my head ever since we met. And it feels.. familiar.”

She sighed, her mind racing to try and find a good way to answer him. Should she just blurt out the whole thing, that they had met in several lives.. or should she just let him wonder?

I should go.. I am not making any sense.”

As he was about to get up, she stopped him with pulling him back on the couch thing that had been sitting on.

“I normally don’t tell you this.. at least not this early..”

She sighed, and started telling her the things he normally told her after years of them being together.

How many times?
“I kinda lost count…”
This is.. insane.
“I know, I’m sorry… “
So in short.. you wait for me over and over and over..
“Yes.. “

She let him think, she knew it was a lot to take in. She was kinda surprised though to how well he was handling it. Almost a little to well, as if he actually remembered being told this before. There was something about the acceptance off it all was a little scary.

“I’ll let you think for a bit, and just stand over there.. okay?”
Yeah.. okay.

She put a hand on his shoulder, before walking over to the side of the lounge, just looking out over the city. This round had really not been anything like how she expected, and she wasn’t quite sure how she should feel about it. She smiled when she realized that she felt like Hayle explained it the first time he told her about going home to his castle.. He called it scared happy, and it pretty much covered how she was feeling.

Do I have a choice of my own?
“As in if you end up with me?”
“You do, sometimes we get married like the first time, other times I am just a friend.”

She skipped out on the part where he had been in love with someone else and had children. It was just a whole new can of worms she did not want to touch, at least not yet.

But you are always there?”
“Yes.. I tried not to be once… and lets just say it was a short life.”
Oh… Oooooh..
“Yeah, sorry about that.”
But it is my choice then if I want to be with you, in each life?

But what about you?
“What do you mean?”
Do you ever get to choose not to be with me?”
“No, I always want to be with you.”
Every time?

Then let’s make this round special?

“I’d like that.”

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