1:8 – Something’s different

It had been such an odd night, and she couldn’t really figure out what had happened. Maybe she had just gotten to used to things being a certain way that she had forgotten something along the way. She had decided to head to the karaoke bar after finishing her job yesterday, it had been quick and easy job wise, the bar part had been.. well not so much.

“Mind if I join you?”

She had been snapped out of her own world of thought, her eyes fixating on the person standing next to her table. It was no mistaken who he was, so to not seem like a total weirdo, she simply nodded and motioned for him to sit down with her. Her mind was racing though, she couldn’t remember the last time that had happened, if ever.

“I hope you don’t mind my boldness.. I mean.. I am not really the type, but you feel familiar somehow.”
“I do?”
“Yes.. I’m probably just being dumb, but there is something about those red eyes..”

Now this had happened before, since she never changed her eyes even when she changed her forms he would recognize them, but not really know why.

“Well, red eyes aren’t all to normal, maybe your just surprised?”
“No… fairly sure you are familiar too me.. “

“Hmh… you do look a little like a toddler I met.. but that is many years ago.”
“Hmh… maybe, I mean my mom used to joke I had a thing for girls with red eyes when I was a kid.”
“But.. what would be the odd’s off that?”

Of course she felt bad playing this game, but it was a game she knew she had to play. She couldn’t just come out with everything and blurt out she had been stalking him since he was a kid.

“So.. what is your name, person who sits here talking to me.”
“Now… that’s not a typical name for someone from around here.”
“No.. my mom used my grandfathers name, and they live far from here.”
“Ah.. let me guess… Finland?”
“Yes.. how did you know?”
“Oh I travel a lot in my work, I generally am fairly good with placing names.”

“Ah, sounds like a nice job. I just work as a police officer, not much travel with that.”
“But a nice job?”
“So far.. not to bad.”

He had only been in the police force once before, and she remembered that life all to well. It had just…. not been a very nice one. For either of them.. or well, mostly her.

“So..a drink?”
“Not holding back are you?”
“No.. figured if I can talk to someone this easily, I might as well push it.”
“For your bravery then, why not.”

She enjoyed the rest of the evening with him, but she was still very wary of what she said, and she didn’t really know how to feel about it. She knew she should be happy, but it also felt so strange, like if something in a time long dance had changed.

“One more question before I go, or my chief will probably have my ass handed too me at work tomorrow.”
“Since I am on a roll.. can I have your phone number, I’d kinda like to see you again.”

The question caught her by surprise, but she did end up giving him her phone number, and him of course giving her his. After that, he left, and she sat there for a while until she finally headed home.

“I don’t know..”

She had actually called her dad and talked to him after she came home. This whole new direction stumped her, and she just wanted to check with him that there hadn’t been some change to the deal.

“Soo… “
“I never should have given you that key.”
“I don’t really need a key you know.”
“I know..”

“Your dad called me.. he was worried.”
“Yes… so.. fill me in?”

She told him everything, about the meeting, how it was different, and how it had made her feel and worry. Apparently enough to make her father worry which made her worry even more.

“I know this sounds silly, but just roll with it.”
“Roll with it.”
“Yes, it’s new, but see where it goes and try not to overthink it?”
“Coming from you.. that’s kinda funny.”
“I never overthink.”
“Eh.. yes you do.”

He did make her smile though, and she did agree. No matter what this was, she would simply have to handle it. There was no changing it after all.

“Tell Hayle to come over, we can have snacks and movies?”

“I thought you said movies?”
“Games are fun too!”

She just chuckled, and focused back on kicking both their butts in Smash.

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