1.7 – Waiting for you to grow up

She liked the pool on the roof, swimming underwater always have it’s own type of calm, like you were sheltered if only a little from the rest of the world around you. She knew how the time now would be spent, between her job, as long as it was close, him, and making time pass with friends.

At least she had friends, which was more than she could say at the start of this long dance. It oddly mad a world of difference to how it felt all in all. Floating in the water, she closed her eyes, recalling her latest meetings with him in his little cute toddler form.

She had to change her form and looks on occasion though, to not seem like some crazy stalker woman, the only thing she never changed was her eyes.

“I think my boy must like girl with red eyes.. you are the third one.”
“Wow.. you met someone else with red eyes?”
“Yeah.. “
“I wish I could say that..”

She often sat and talked with her mom while he played. She was a single mom, sometimes struggling with making the ends meet, so she seemed to quite enjoy having someone to talk to about it. Sometimes a stranger you have no ties too is the easiest one to just tell things too.

“So little man.. what do you want to do?”

She was his nanny too sometimes, when his mother finally got that job she had been wanting, Nat took the role as a nanny whenever she could, not letting her pay for it, pretending to just be a helpful neighbor. In honesty she quite liked this part off it. It was uncomplicated, and mostly just fun.

“Swings it is then, and then we have dinner and you go to sleep.”
“If every kid was as easy as you, this would really be a dream job.”

“Okay, now home, food and bed.”
“No more swings?”
“Not for now little man, not for now.”

He was a teenager by now, one of the life stages she always stayed out off. It was actually the one thing she had always listened to her father with. Something about what he told her just seemed right. He had to discover who he was without her there as a teenager. So she kept herself in the sidelines, close by, but never seen.

“Anyone home?”
“Oh.. hey Hayle, Chris at work?”
“Busted aren’t I?”

She pulled herself out of the pool and joined him innside. They were still watching Netflix shows whenever Chris was away, so she should have guessed he would be coming over.

“Did you know there is a festival outside your building?”
“Should we check it out?”
“Sure, I can text Chris and tell him to meet us there so he doesn’t worry when your not home.”

“Humor and hijinks.. really?”
“That’s what they call it.”

“Hey.. that drink made you glow.”
“Hmh.. fancy, you should try it too.”

“So I guess that drink thing don’t work on you huh?”
“No.. it seems not.”

She loved these random outings, just for the simple fact that it made her world feel so oddly normal.. well if you could call sitting next to a dragon god and his husband normal. But well, for her it kinda was.

“Did you ever consider getting a cat or a dog? I mean, I know you spoke of a dog?”
“Yeah.. but it would feel kinda bad when I work, I mean leave it alone.”
“Well I am sure if we let your pet and ours get to know each other, they could be company when were all out?”
“Hmh.. I’ll think about it, how does that sound?”
“Good, I think the company would be nice. I know I love having Felix there when Chris is out.”
“I think I better wait, just in case you know who is allergic again..”

Chris chuckled, he remembered when she had several animals and he had started sneezing whenever she was around. Hyper-allergic to all fur, so she had to find them all homes.

She had watched the two off them leave hand in hand, before heading back up to her own apartment. She was pretty proud of her handywork, or well at least the kick in the butt and push to have Chris say yes to this whole thing.

“I guess I can at least I did one good deed there.”

She curled up in the sofa, closing her eyes, humming a song that he had ones sung to her, that she still remembered and always taught him whenever she could.

I’d climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I’ve broken
Oh, ’cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

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