1:5 – Our bond

“So what’s your name little one?”
“Well, that’s a very nice name. I’m Nat, my name is long and silly, so people just call me Nat.”

“look momma, I am all the way up here!”

Sounds of a child’s laughter spread trough the park, pretty much making anyone there smile as well. There was just something about a child’s laughter that made almost anyone happy.

“That was fun!”

She put Ilari back down, watching him run over to his mom with an exited look on his face.

“I’m glad you had fun are you ready to go home now.”
“Yes momma.”

Nat walked back into the cafe to find her father being on what would have to be his third or maybe even fourth burger by now.

“You staying then I guess.”
“Yep, have some work to do close by soon.”
“Well enjoy.”

As she left she picked up her phone, calling the one person she knew was home, and probably wouldn’t mind a visit. She didn’t feel like heading to her apartment right now, and she knew he hated being home alone.

“Thanks for letting me come say hi.”
“Oh i think you know I hate being alone.”
“Maybe, we have that one in common.”

Hayle had been more than happy to have her come over. Chris had told her a little about what was going on with Nat, and he had decided to let her tell him the rest whenever she wanted too.

“I have to ask.. did it occur to you to go shopping for new clothes?”
“I’m going to take that as a no. And I say we need to fix that one day.”
“What’s wrong with my clothes?”
“Nothing, but you know, you can use more then one type of shirt.”

She knew he hadn’t thought about it, why would he, a god rarely cared about these things after all.

“I have an idea.. if I beat you in a snowball fight, and no cheating with your powers mr, I get to take you out for a new wardrobe?”

“So I come home, to find my husband having a snowball fight without me?”
“Yep, and you can’t join until we have a winner!”
“Yep, we have a bet.. if I win, I get to take him shopping for a new wardrobe.”
“And if he wins?”
“He gets to choose if he wants too?”

Chris just laughed and joined them both anyways. Trying to win a snowball fight against Hayle was almost impossible, so he teamed up with his friend.

“You are supposed to be on my team!”
“Not for this, for this she needs all the help she can get.”

Even with Chris on her team though, they soon found that Hayle was more than a match for both of them.

“Okay.. I give in, you win.”
“So, you get to choose what you want to do.”
“Well I want you to take me shopping.. I just wanted to have some fun in the snow really.”

“So where do you two plan to go shopping?”
“Your not coming with?”
“Heck no, I want to come see when your all done.”
“Well, whenever Hayle feels like it, and I have time, I say we go do it.”
“I’ll message you then, and you can tell me where to meet you.”
“So.. guys, the real question of the night. What movie do we watch?”

It was something they often did when they were together. None of them really needed sleep that often, so long movie nights was often a preferred option. It was also something they could easily put on pause if something happened, and work called them away.

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