1:2 – It starts again

“So… we start again.”

She had felt him come back into the world, or well, his soul enter a new body, it would still be some time until she could enter his life, but it gave her the time she needed to prepare, and to find him and then their endless dance would start one more time.

She wished she could go back and change what she had done all those years ago, but she knew better than to mess with the fabrics of time. She would just have to keep living with what she had done, as would he, which hurt more than she would like to admit. He never had a say in it, this had all been her choice, and young and stupid didn’t really cover it.

She closed her eyes, memories forming innside her head, memories of many lifetimes together, and as much as she didn’t want to, she got dragged into remembering their dance.

She remembered all his incarnations, although the first time he was a female surprised her, she found that he was still him, just the body was different.

As much as they were all different, they were all the same.

And she missed every incarnation equally.

Some she could tell the truth too..

Others were never ready to know.

And some just didn’t believe her and laughed when she told them.

But they all needed her to be in their life.

Some as the lover on the side.

Some as a work partner, but then.. there was this one time.

She found herself standing still, and alone in the park, how she had gotten there, she didn’t actually remember, but it wasn’t the first time this happened.

“The one time.. you loved someone else..”

She suddenly felt arms around her, and how she was pulled into a hug.

“I figured I’d find you here.”
“Did dad send you?”
“No, I know you well enough to sense this happening.”

It felt safe in her best friends arms, he was one of very few that knew what she had done and didn’t shun her for it. He had been around for that one time when she sat afar and just looked at the love of her life loving someone else, and he knew how much it broke her heart and scared her.

After that time, her father had told her something that she was a little scared off, yet she knew she should be happy about. It meant the soul was close to being ready to make it’s own choice, the one thing that would break what she had done.

“Hey.. come on, Hayle said you had to come for dinner.”
“He did?”
“Yes, he keeps wanting to show off his newfound skills.”
“Sure.. why not.”

“Thanks by the way.”
“What are friends for if not this.”

She had gotten a hug from Hayle when she arrived, then he had vanished back into the kitchen to finish the dinner he had been working on.

“How are you guys doing anyways?”
“Good, learning new things is always fun.”
“How to train your dragon.”
I heard that!

She looked behind her seeing Hayle stand with his arms crossed, trying his best to look angry, before all three simply started laughing.

The evening turned into night with dinner, and one of Hayle’s many stories from before he took his current form. When she thought about it, even if it happened again, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?

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