2.2 – An idea

“Well, at least you seem happy to see me.”

Toshi had wandered off when they got back, asked for some time to just get his head right. He would have liked to go with him, to try and figure out what could have happened, but he decided to give Toshi his space for a while.

“So have you done what I told you, and taken good care off him while I have been off?”
“Yes, you were always a good kitty.”

“Shall we go see what he is up too, and see what we can figure out?”
“Yeah, I think he is making something to eat too.”

“Man did I miss you’re cooking.”
That bad?
“Oh trust me, field rations are not something to brag home about.”

Much like he had anticipated there was the unmistakable smell of freshly made food that greeted him when he entered the house. It also gave them the opportunity to ease into the conversation they both knew where going to come back up again.

“So, tell me just what has been going on with you?”
Can I ask you something first?
You really are an alien?”
And you falling in love with me, means your wife is dead?

Toshi stopped, he noticed the change on his friends face, it was somewhat the same look he had back then.

“Probably my kids too.”
“Yeah, I had a son and a daughter, I can’t imagine them being alive if she is dead.”

They finished eating in silence, it was quite a lot to take in. Derek offering to do the washing up, letting Toshi think for a while before they both knew they had to keep going on this conversation.

So.. any ideas why my emotions has been crazy since that kiss?
“At first no, but the more I think about it, the more I have at least a suggestion.”
“John mentioned my kind mate for life?”
Yeah, he did… but?”
“Well, maybe it affects a human differently, what if instead of the mate for life, you feel what I feel.”
But wouldn’t I feel what you feel now then?
“Perhaps it’s just the strongest emotions?”

But why would it stay with me, it doesn’t make any sense.
“I wish I could answer that, but I can’t.”
You have been with others since.. well coming here?
“Yeah, but never had any feelings for them.”

“I can’t keep being like this, it’s messing with everything.”

Derek had noticed the tears reappearing, he even noticed his body start to tremble. He really didn’t have the slightest clue that anything like this could happen, and now he had to figure out a way to undo what he had done.

“I have an idea, if you will let me?”

Much like the first time, he was caught off guard by the kiss, and although it almost made his legs weak like jelly, there was no sadness and grief like last time. It was the strangest sensation though, it was like a mountain was removed from his shoulders, and that dark cloud in his head finally cleared.

I think.. your hunch might have been right.”
“That’s good.. odd, but good.”

Yeah, thank you for taking care of me Ollie.

It was an odd feeling to be able to relax, with Derek taking a nap on the couch, he did things he hadn’t done in half a year. Like sit down and just read a book, or watch the clouds on the sky fly by.

Did you notice them too?
I can imagine you did.”

“You did a lot of research in a week.”
Yeah, had to keep busy.

But yeah, according to legend, the jungle changes, and is never quite the same. Several others have reported it changing every time they come here, which I do find hard to believe.
“It does sound odd, but there are a lot of sources saying the same thing.”
Yeah, there are even official maps that shows what seem to be several different jungles.

They went through all the info they had, slowly planning their first venture into the jungle the next day. There was still a lot of things Toshi wanted to ask Derek about, but he also knew most of those things he was probably classified.

Later that night.

“I don’t quite remember you sleeping this much..”

He watched Derek who had fallen asleep while they were talking. In the short time he had been in the house, he had taken two naps, and had been sound asleep minutes after going to bed.

I wonder if these have anything to do with it, or if you can even tell me what happened.

There was so many scars on his body, it was a little scary to see them. Something told him they were part of the complications John had told him about.

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