2.1 – 6 months later

He had been in Selvadorada almost a week now, preparing for this new mission he had been sent on. He had been on quite a few missions after their trip to Strangerville, but this was the first where they had said his co-traveler would meet him there. He had decided to get there early, to make sure they were well prepared. Nothing beat hearing the legends from those that lived there after all.

“Still waiting?”
Yeah, they should be here sometime today.
Yeah, they didn’t tell me who.”
“That’s a bit odd isn’t it?”
“Nah, military can be like that.”

He would have liked to know who it was he was working with, mostly he would like it to be Derek, it had been more than a couple of months since they last met. He had asked John a couple of times, but the answer was always the same. Complications on their mission, leading it to take more time.

“The good part of still waiting is, I can drink more of these.”
“Good point.”

He moved from the bar over to one of the tables, trying to just relax, enjoy the fact that he was somewhere as beautiful as Selvadorada, but like always, the instant he had a minute to spare, there was that feeling.

“What the hell did you do to me..”

He muttered the words under his breath, trying to fight back the tears that were already trying to push their way through. The only thing he knew helped, was to do something, so he would go back to asking people what they knew off the jungle.

As much as he tried though, that horrible feeling didn’t stop. It was the one he had felt that day when Derek kissed him, and he couldn’t explain it but it seemed to be stuck innside him somehow.

Fuck you Derek, what the hell did you do.”

“Hmh, not quite the welcome I was hoping for.”

What on earth did you do to me?”
“Do to you.. Eh.. I kissed you?”

At first Derek thought his friend was joking, but as he noticed the tears, he realized that something else must have happened.

You did something.”
“Honestly.. I just kissed you.”

No, you did something, I have been completely ruined since that kiss, my feelings are all over the place and I can’t sleep at night.”
“I don’t know what to say.. I haven’t…”

Something happened after that, it’s like I feel whatever you felt, or feel, I don’t know. I can’t sleep, I can’t relax, I can’t even fucking read without starting to cry.

It hurt to see him like this. He had no idea any of this had been going on while he was away, and it made him wonder if he had talked to John about it. He knew he had asked about the mission, but not if he had mentioned this.

“Come on, show me where we are staying, and we’ll figure it out, together.”

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