1:64 – Mission Successful

They had enjoyed their new house and the garden the many years they had lived there. After a while, they were both busy most every day just keeping it the garden in order. She had joked many times that they should make it smaller, or they would eventually go insane with so many plants. Of course he had just shrugged his shoulders and kept on going with the endless watering and weeding. And instead of shrinking, the garden just seemed to be expanding. After a while, they had sprinklers to keep their crop’s watered, which helped a lot.

It was perhaps odd to think off all that had happened in their long life together and how it had all started. How they went from just the two of them, to having a family, friends and in the end, a world where androids and humans were finally living, at least mostly, as equals.

Their children had children of their own, and eventually, they had grandchildren and their family grew around them. Madison would mock him that it was a bit like their garden really, growing ever bigger.

Not that she complained about it, she loved all of them! And the highlight of every year was when they all gathered at their home, to celebrate winterfest together. A house full of family was she could ever have wished for, be they blood or chosen family.

Being around kids so much helped her feel young, always being told what the latest new thing was, so she was always, at least almost, up to date on the latest new fab.

“Will you come to our birthday?”
“Of course I will!”

She had been to more birthdays than she could remember, probably more parties too by now. There had been plenty of weddings, a couple of deaths from age or accidents. But all things considered, it had been a very good, long life.

The mix between Liam’s and North’s two serums had with time been perfected. And was available for anyone that wanted to have a long life. They had decided that to make it equally available for everyone that it would be free, and all you had to do was sign a form that you were sure this is what you wanted.

They had several pets along the way, and although loosing one was always hard, they simply couldn’t imagine living life without them.

“You doing okay over there?”
Yep, almost done, how about you?
By the way.. I was thinking, should we get bees?
“Eh, why? Only yesterday you said we had enough work with this garden.”
We could get our own honey? and it would probably help the plants?
“Well, if you are sure, remember they can sting you.”

And so they ended up having bees in their garden. Which came with the popular addition of honey to their produce, something everyone in the family were pretty happy about.

He had asked her about her parents in the end. Curiosity got the better of him when he read one of the books she explained he himself had written about her growing up, just in case he would one day forget. At first she had been worried it would trigger memories like it once had, but there had been none.

“What will you do when I’m gone?”
“I don’t know.. something?”
“That’s not an answer.”
“Sure it is, besides, I have a better idea off how to spend our evening.”

He always avoided answering her one way or another. In the end she simply stopped asking it, even if she was still wondering what his plans could be.

Almost 1000 years after the speech:

“Good morning Beautiful.”
“Morning you.”

Her hair was now a shimmering shade of white. Much to his and her surprise it was the only outward sign of her age. She still looked almost as young as she had done since she became an adult, but time had finally caught up with her.

“It’s a beautiful day outside, if you want to sit there?”
“Not today.”

He looked at the machines she was hooked up to, noticing the numbers. He had warned their family she didn’t have much longer to live, so just a few weeks back, they had a grand summer party, where everyone had come together one last time.

“Anything you want then?”
“I don’t want to lie here.. I want to lie in bed with you, just one last time.”
“Oh come now, it won’t be the last time.”

He took her off the machines, silencing their beeping sounds, before gently lifting her into his arms.

“What will you do now?”
“You mean apart form lying here with you?”
“You know what I mean.”
“I have my plans, don’t you worry.”

He had already informed them all of his plan, and his choice. There had been protests, but in the end, they had all accepted his decision. The only one he had not told, was her.

For a while he simply held her, letting her decide if there was anything else they needed to talk about. Outside the gentle buzzing of bees could be heard as the sun peaked through the windows. After a while of this calm, his sensors told him her heart rate was slowly slowing down, so he shifted their position ever so gently.

“I love you.”

He put his forehead against hers as she slowly slipped away from him. When his sensors confirmed she was gone, he let his thumb gently stroke over her chin one last time.

He sent the message he had promised to send his kids. It was the last thing he would do in this world, the rest was up to everyone in it.


It had been a shock to the world when the news of Madison’s and Liam’s death hit. There were speeches from several prominent figures and several memorial services held. But after some weeks, the world slowly moved on again.

“So this is the magazine cover view?”
“Yeah.. dad always said it was his favorite view over the city.”

It had been Hank’s idea for them to leave the annual winterfest celebration for a just a little to go down there and see the view in question. They watched the lights for a while before they went back to the house where the rest of the family was waiting for them.


He looked at Luna who hung back as they were just about to enter the house. Much like anyone would have guessed the one that took it hardest was her.

“I miss them.”

He pulled his sister in close, hugging her tight.

“I do too, but, it was his choice, he had done enough.”
“I still miss them.”
“And we always will.”

They stood together out there for a while, with the cities lights in the background.

“It will be okay, I promise.”

He put his finger on her nose, and led her back innside to the rest of the family.

“We’ll all be okay.”

(The end)

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