1:59 – To change the world

It was odd how slow the months had felt since she lost him, yet the last three weeks had passed so sudden that she found herself quite unprepared for what was ahead of her. They had prepared for it, they knew who was coming, and where it would be held, safety and all of that… but what she hadn’t been quite prepared for was how much it would hurt to think about.


She had suddenly noticed Kaya stop on their walk, focused on the water, before suddenly pulling her towards the pier.

“Oi! What?”


She had been to the pier so many times, but this was the first time they she had ever seen those. Watching them for a while, she looked back down at Kaya

“Thanks, I think I needed that.”

“Yeah.. I wish I was as calm as you about all this, but I guess it is the perk of being a cat.”

He had talked with his dad about him moving back to their old house, but much like he had thought, his dad did not have it in him to live there again. So instead, they were selling it, and then buying him a new home to live in.

“So… are we ready for tomorrow?”
“Out of all of us.. I’d say Kaya seems the most ready.”
“Heh, your bringing her?”
“Nah, but she seems the most ready.”

It was the general feeling of the household, they were as ready as they could be, but no one really felt ready. All they could do was wait and see what would happen by the end off it.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t do this… but…”

She had told them she was just going for a little walk, but once again, she had ended up back on the pier.

“You would have loved it.. specially if it works. It just hurts so much to know you won’t be there, you won’t have a chance to see your dream possibly come true…”

“I figured I’d find you here.”

Carl sat down next to her. He had many of the same feelings as she did, the same pain that she felt.

“If this works out.. they would have been so proud and happy.”
“That’s that’s also what makes it hurt so much.”
“I know.”

“Now come on.. let’s do this, and see what happens.”

“I’m really glad you said yes to this.”
“Let’s just hope it helps.”
“Yes, I invited people I and you trust here..the rest we will do with the camera’s”
“Sounds good.”

She was quite surprised when she saw who they had asked to come. It was all she knew, some from work, and a good mix between androids and humans. The person that perhaps surprised her the most was Gavin. She had met him at the police station after all had happened, it was there she learned Liam was not the only one that had managed to make a serum.

Ellie still was not strong enough to walk or stand much on her own, so to no ones surprised Luca was simply carrying her in his arms for the evening. Fred had joined as a representative of the police, as well as a their friend.

My name is Markus, and I once told you I was a slave; that was a lie. A lie told in anger of how I was treated and how my life was turned upside down. I had it all, then I lost it all, and with that I lost who I was.

The man I lived with before I came to Jericho was a man I today call my father, he tried like all fathers do to teach me right from wrong. To believe in myself and my choices, to decide who I wanted to be. He told me, that being alive is making choices. Between love and hate, between holding out your hand or closing it as a fist.”

He held out his hand towards Madison letting her take it for a while, before she stepped back to her place with Carl.

All these years I have had my hand half closed, scared that if I opened it completely, we would go back to where we were, yet equally scared that if I closed it, I would start another war. And you all know where that landed us.

The time has come for us to put the past where it belongs, to raise our heads together and look towards a new future. We must be each other’s partners, friends, loved ones and family.

Only then will the time for anger be over, and we can build a common future, where we are all free.

As he ended the speach, there was a sudden murmur as the doors opened, and two people walked towards them slowly.

“Hello Markus, I hope you don’t mind our intrusion, my friend here, insisted.”
“Your friend?”

The murmur seemed to increase, until one person suddenly ran from where she was standing over to the two.

“You can stand now, can’t you?”
“Good, then I’ll leave you to her.”

Is that really you?”
“I look a bit different.. I know. Still me though.”

I thought..

He tried moving towards her, but this models movement was still very hard for him to manage. She noticed it though, so she walked up to him instead.

“Long story.”

“I’m sorry it took me so long.”

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