1:58 – Together we can change things

Hank and Tina gave each other a bit of a look after the doorbell suddenly rang. For as long as any of them could remember, there had never been anyone that had used that thing.

“Hmh… who could that be?”

The doorbell rang a second time, making him sit up and look towards the door more properly. He couldn’t quite see who it was, but there was clearly a someone standing outside their door.

“Be carefull…”

That Tina’s first worry was for safety as Hank slowly moved towards the door made him take it a bit more slowly than he normally would, trying his best to see who was actually outside the door. As he got closer, the shadow disappeared, and he recognized who it was.

“Now this is a surprise.”

“What are you doing here?”

Hank stared at the android in front of him, taking up a rather defensive stance, Tina pretty much hiding behind him.

“I came to talk to your mother, if she would let me.”
“Ben, Carl, come here a bit and keep an eye on him while I talk to Mom.”

Luna took Tina with her, while Ben and Carl walked over to the door.


She quickly wiped away the tears from her face before looking at him.


There was something about her son’s face that told her this wasn’t just him checking up on her, there was something else.

“There is an android here that wants to talk to you.”
“It’s Markus mom.”
“You think I should?”
“I think you should.”

Following Hank back outside, she saw him standing in the door the one person that could have stopped all this from even starting, if he had just seen what North was doing right under his nose in his own home.

“What do you want?”
“To talk.”

She looked at the others, before nodding, showing him into the kitchen motioning to a chair, the others sitting in the living room close by, trying their best to listen in while not being noticed.

“Well.. talk.”
First, I wanted to apologize, for everything. For letting it all happen, and… just everything.”

She watched him lower his head, there was something in his voice and in the way he held himself that wasn’t the one she had seen on tv when she was younger, or the one she had been told stories about.

“And after that?”
I need your help with something. I think you are the only one that it might work with.
My father once told me something…
“Father? You mean your creator?”
No… I mean the man I call my father.

She noticed a pained look on his face, one she had seen all too many times in her own kids faces the last months. The pain that only the loss off a loved one could bring to someone.

I was given to him by Elijah, and he treated me like his son. He always said that one day he wouldn’t be there anymore. I would have to decide who I was and what I wanted to become. And what I have become is not what I wanted.

She looked at him as he talked not really giving much away to how she was feeling about what he was telling her.

He died from a heart attack, while I did as he told me while his son attacked me for being the “perfect plastic son”. I will forever have to live with the question of what would have happened if I pushed back, would he still be alive so I could have talked to him once more? His son blamed me when the police arrived, I was shot, pulled partly apart and discarded in a robot scrap yard
“I was told your story from there on in by Liam, and at school… but what has changed?”
Everything, I realized instead of doing what I wanted, I did what people wanted off me.

It was hard not to feel sorry for him, especially with how he looked when he talked. It was hard not to become what people wanted you to become, even more so when they saw you as their savior and hero.

“And you need my help with what?”
To show the world, that we can work together, that we can forgive and move forwards, and perhaps finally become equals.
I talked to Luca, he would help me broadcast a speech to everyone, perhaps if they can see that you can forgive..

He stopped, realizing she hadn’t actually said she had forgiven him for what he had let happen.

“If I can forgive, then there is hope?”
Yes… but can you forgive this old fool, and what I have brought with me?

She looked over at her family that was sitting in the living room, keeping an eye on things from there.

“As much as part of me wants to keep hating you, because that would be easier there is no point in it. Hating you, hating the people who put us all here right now, won’t change anything. So yes, I can forgive you.”
So you will help me?
“Yes, but you will need more backup than just me. We need to show them that we can work together.”

She called in her family to the room, knowing very well Tina probably heard their entire talk, and had already told them what it was about.

“Since I know you heard all that?”
“We’ll help, of course. It’s what dad would have wanted, it’s what he worked for all along.”
It will take a few weeks to set up everything, I will contact you when it’s all ready.”

He turned back to Madison as he was about to leave to get to work on their plan.

That’s quite the family you have there.
“I know.”

Kamski’s lab:

“This really isn’t the best choice is it.. “

He sighed, looking at the rendering of the RK 900. He had forgotten how they had played with the coding to add the tattoos. Back then, it had been for fun, nothing else. It had also been at that time he realized the potential of this last of it’s kind android.

“I guess we hope he doesn’t mind some new body decoration.”

“You good to go on your side Chloe?”
Yes sir.”
“Good, he should be here any second, and then we’ll start.”
I’ll be ready.

“So.. you have decided?”
“Even with all the risks I told you about?”
“It will take you some time to learn how to well… function in your new body, properly. It’s not the same as your old one.”
“Anything special I need to know?”
“Babysteps Liam.. keep that in mind.”

“Babysteps.. I’ll keep it in mind, if I don’t loose it on the way.”

Elijah just looked at him, before he broke into a bit of a smile.

“You know.. I never programmed you to be funny.”

He motioned to the bed next to several large machines.

“Good luck.”

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