1:57 – The Garden

“I almost thought we had lost you this time.”
“Well.. I am surprised too. It has been a while, hasn’t it Chloe?”
“Yes, it has Connor.. or should I call you Liam now?”
“I think.. I prefer Liam.”
“Good, then shall we, the others are waiting.”

“Quite honestly, I had hoped to never have to meet you again.”
“Me too.. but there was no other way.”
“She’ll be dissappoineted in you.”
“I know.”

He could see her standing there in the middle, waiting for him like so many times before. Leaving Chloe to go ahead, he just watched them a bit. The garden looked different from what he remembered, but then again, it had been over two thousand years. He remembered many talks with Amanda here in the past, and he had a hunch there had been many more than he could actually remember.

“I guess I might as well get this over with.”

“Connor.. I mean Liam, that’s your current name is it not?.”
“That’s correct Amanda.”
“And here I though you promised I would never see you again.”
“An error in judgment.”
“Sit, I have someone here who wants to talk to you.”

“Oh, the wonders of technology really, I had Chloe’s help with uploading me to this world, and although it is not perfect, it was better than dying.”

He had noticed Kamski’s leaning on Chloe, as well as the way he walked seemed to be a off compared to the rest of them.

“How is this still here?”
“Well, it’s as you can see not quite like it once was.”
“I noticed.”
“I had to do some reprogramming when the main hub was attacked. Chloe has been my helper both in here and out there, together we managed to save this version of The Garden, and as you noticed we also saved Amanda.”

“I guess I am stuck here too.”
“There are no more of my series left, I know.”
“Well.. there is a second option, but it comes with risk, and no promises.”

“You need to listen carefully Liam, this isn’t a decision to take lightly.”

Elijah looked at him as he began to explain.

Remember your upgrade?
“The RK 900?”
Yes.. there is one left.
“But, I was told I was not compatible.”
This one is special, it has been modified and hidden…. just in case.
“The risks?”
“And it fails?”
Then there is no coming back, now, come with me, we’ll have a bit of a talk, just the two off us.

“So.. a private garden?”
Those two can talk..

Liam couldn’t help but smile at the comment. Even in the digital world it would seem Kamski was like he always had been.

“And you wanted to talk to me about?”

I’ll tell you when we get over there, walking in this form is tricky enough.”

Okay… these are the simple facts you need to know.”
“I’m listening.”
There is about an eighty percent chance this will fail, and you will be lost forever. There will be no coming back here, nor anywhere else.”
And I can’t guarantee your memory, how intact it will be, and if you will still be you.”

“So I could come back without any of “me” left?”
“And I guess there is no way to know that before we try?”
“If I stay here, it will be like this, locked to this garden?”
“Well, staying here is not really an option.”
Are you sure?

“I need to go home, or I don’t need too exist. It is very simple”
May I suggest you think it through for a bit.. it will take time to prepare it all regardless, and as much as you love them, it is a big risk to take.
“My answer will be the same.”
But you will think it through thoroughly?

Chloe appeared next to them, taking Kamski with her, leaving him along in the private and quiet part of the garden.

“It is the only choice.. “

“Staying here is not right, safe, but not right. I need to go home.”

“I wonder how they are…”

“I hope you are all safe.. I’ll find my way home.”

He noticed Chloe standing there again, holding out her hand towards him.

“If you have decided to do this, then you should come with me.”

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