1:55 – Life after you

The months after the live broadcast and its events had been a mess for everyone. Not only dealing with the loss of their father and husband, but also the fact that what had seemed to be a fragile but steady balance in their world had been shook down to its core. The news was filled with fights, attacks and unrest almost every day, and the tension only seemed to rise.

Everyone looked over their shoulders when they were out, and no one really felt safe anymore. For many of the androids it was a trip back in time to the last big confrontation and many of them feared a repeat of earlier events.

For Hank and Luna the first month was them trying to get their mother back on her feet. She tried her best to be strong, and be the mother she knew they deserved, but every time she closed the door behind her when she was going to bed, she simply couldn’t.

They had lost count on the amount of times they had traveled to the graveyard where she had wanted them to bury him next to Hank and Sumo, to bring her back home. Even Fred had helped out with bringing her back home when he could.

Ben and Carl had moved in with them for the time being to be around and help, Ben asking Luna to marry him, but keeping the wedding on hold until the family and the world hopefully would be a little more stable again.

There was also a new addition to the family in Tina. When Ben and Hank brought her home, she had been beaten so badly, that they needed her help and knowledge. They had found her trying to crawl away from what they could only describe as an attacking mob. Blue blood leaking from several bullet wounds, and her skin had several cuts all the way into the android metal itself. Both boys had prepared themselves for a battle, but as soon as they saw them and Kaya, the group pulled back.

For Madison, seeing the state Tina was in, kicked her into action getting all of Liam’s old supplies from their hiding place with Carl buying whatever else they needed. Using her knowledge and the books that she had kept they slowly nursed the female android back to health. Of course the body was one thing, but as they would learn, the mind much like with any human was something else.

For that, Hank became the right person. He had the calm that was needed to get her back into at least trusting the people within the house to begin with. As she slowly trusted them, her personality started shining through, and with that, what had begun as a friendship evolved into to something more between them. Hank had been worried seeing the two of them together would make his mom sad, but after she gently slapped him over the head and told him to stop being silly, he finally confessed to Tina how he felt.

“Hey you.”
“Come for a walk with me?”
“Hmh.. but it’s so nice here?”

Tina looked up at Hank, it wasn’t often he was this insistent on something, so she finally gave in to his wish.

So, you got me out here.. but why?”
“Oh.. I had an idea.”

“Oh come on.. out with it!”

“Fine.. will you marry me?”
“Simple question isn’t it?”

“With an equally simple answer: Yes!”

As he was about to slip the ring on her finger, she stopped him.

“Is that… you’re mothers?”
“Yes.. “
“She wanted you to have it, she said it felt right.”

She looked at him, it was hard for her to understand his mothers way of thinking, but she did accept it.

As spring was finally around the corner, and just as their world seem to settle, there was a knock on the door.

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