1:48 – The little ones

Of course they had heard the news a few days later, which meant that Liam sat down with both of them to explain. Specially those things that he was doing to make sure they were safe. She still couldn’t help but be a bit scared, she really wished she wasn’t, but in the back of her head, it was that little voice that kept telling her it could happen to them.

“Why can’t I be more like Hank.. he seems to handle this so much better.”

Madison had found exercise helped her deal with it, specially boxing, there was something quite therapeutic about it. Being allowed to hit something took some of the stress and pressure off. She missed being at work, but they had told her they did not want to take the risk at the moment, so all films had been halted.

“You want to hit it too Kaya?”



She didn’t really want to wake them, even if she knew her father didn’t sleep, he had explained he could look like it whenever he ran his self test and repair programs. She really didn’t want to wake them, but this was the fourth time she had woken form the same nightmare that night, and she was to afraid to go back to sleep.

“Sweety, whats wrong?”
“I had a bad dream, over and over….”

Her voice broke between each word she tried to say

“It’s okay baby girl, it was just a dream.”
“They killed you, they took mom, and we were all alone!”

He looked at Madison who was also awake now, not quite sure what to tell her. He had been honest about it all, which was probably the reason why she had the nightmares.

“I’m sorry baby girl, but even if that was to happen, you would never be alone, remember?”

“Ben’s family would take you in, or Nagisa and Itsuki would give you a home..”

He had a feeling his words weren’t much of a comfort for her, but they were the truth.

“And I promise baby girl, I will do all I can to never let that happen, okay?”
“Now come on, you try and get some sleep, I won’t let you go deal?”

He didn’t get much of an answer, but at least the sobbing slowly stopped after a little while.

“You should get some sleep to, I’ll stay awake with her.”
“Maybe I should check on Hank first?”

She walked to the quiet house, only the sound of her feet and Kaya’s paws through the house. Opening the door the the twins room she saw Hank sleeping in his bed. He seemed so calm about all this, and she had to wonder if he really was.

She waked by Uno on the way back to their bedroom, stopping for a minute or two, gently scratching him behind the ear.

“I wonder how much you two understand of all this.”
“You look after Hank for the night, okay? You and Kaya?”

Kaya she had told to stay in the room before she went. She was more surprised to see Uno seemingly listen to her plea as well.

“Is she asleep?”
“I think so.”

“Mom told me you used to watch the stars together when she was little, is that right?”
“Yeah, she wanted to know everything about them, and then more.”
“I would like to know that too.”
“Well, it would take some time, but I’d say we would be able too.”

He looked over at Hank, wondering just what went on innside his head. Unlike Luna who was easy to read, Hank was more the quiet inward type.

“Well do you see that one, quite bright one, that has a star on each side?”
“That’s Orions belt.. but can you spot the whole constellation?”

They spent hours that night just talking stars, much like he and Madison had done so many years ago.

“Can I ask you one thing son?”
“Are you okay, I mean, with everything that’s happening?”

“I guess I am.. I mean, I don’t want anything bad to happen, but if I worry about everything that could happen.. then I would never do anything else.”
“That is a good way of thinking.”
“I thought so, I’d say I have it from you, if well.. that wasn’t impossible.”
“Why would that be impossible, you could have picked it up from me?”
“True, why didn’t I think off that?”
“Because I still have a few years of life on you, so you can’t be smarter than me already.”

“Are you okay dad?”
“Are you worried?”
“A little.. could you do me a huge favor you think?”
“Look after your sister a little extra? She isn’t quite handling this as well as you.”
“Sure dad, I’ll take care of her, and mom.”

He was still amazed at how well Hank handled it all, he would still keep an eye on him of course, but for now it was just nice to spend some time with him.

“So, did you talk with him?”
“Yeah, he is.. oddly fine with it. Something about no point in worrying about things he could do nothing with.”
“Smart kid.”
“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

“How about you?”
“I wish I had my sons way of thinking.”
“I think anyone would.”
“I’m scared Liam, I am scared of loosing everything, what we have, our friends their family and I think I could go on and on.”

As much as he wished he could change everything back to the way it had been, he knew that there was no way to. The only thing he could to, was make sure that he did what he was made to do. Figure it out, and stop it once and for all.

“Anything you want me to do?”
“Well, within the limits of what is possible.”
“Could you stay here today? As in not go to work.. I know it is a lot to ask, but it would just feel good to have a full day together.”
“Sure, I’ll tell Carl to take a family day too.”

“I have an idea”
“You do?”

He smiled and pulled her closer.

“Yeah, how about a trip, and we can show them were you grow up, just a day out, away from it all?”
“Ooooh yes! I want to see if it is as I remember.”

“Did I mentioned I love you?”
“On occasion.”
“Well, I am officially mentioning it again then.”

She chuckled, he had such a weird sense of humor sometimes.

“You know, you can just shut up and kiss me.”

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