1:47 – Life with knowledge

It had been a rough month for them and their friends. With Liam telling them everything, and the idea of the risk slowly settling into all their minds, she had many times wondered if it had been better if she had never asked. They had improved the security system in both houses, and Ben always walked to Nagisa’s school with Hank and Luna, and as often as possible, either Nagisa or Itsuki would meet them and walk with them.

“Sometimes I wish I was you Kaya.. carefree.”

Not that she knew how Kaya really felt about it all, but she did seem to follow the kids around as much as she possibly could. Uno was perhaps the one least affected, he seemed to roam around like he always did, but she had noticed him sleeping in Hanks bed more often. Perhaps even he had an idea that they were all worried.

“Did you get one too?”
“You want dad to help?”
“Hopefully, if he gets home in time.”
“He usually is.. I’ll ask mom if she wants to help me.”

“I see I made it home just in time.”
“Mom said you did this with her too, is that true?”
“Yep, and you can ask Nagisa just how many times she has done it, before she started handing them out.”

Madison just smiled, she remembered them doing many of these when she was little. She was also happy to see that the bond between him and the kids was slowly on the mend.

“Hah, we finished first.”
“Well you had mom from the start, and we almost caught up.”

As much as she wanted to say it wasn’t a competition, she was kinda happy that they were the first to finish. She needed that time bonus to even stand the slightest chance in this competition.

“So, do you two mind if I borrow your mom for a walk?”
“No, I’m going to the dog-park with Ben like I told you yesterday.”
“And I am going to finish my book.”
“You don’t want to come with us Hank?”
“Nope, I prefer the quiet of home.”

Luna shrugged her shoulders, she always invited him when she was going somewhere, but Hank always answered the same thing, and stayed home with his books.

They had walked along the beach in silence, until he finally motioned for them to sit down. She noticed what they could see from where they were sitting.

“I didn’t want to tell the kids before telling you, another incident happened today…”

She could feel the now fairly familiar shudder go down her spine.

“Anyone we know?”
“No, they were fairly new in Del Sol, which is unexpected.”

“I know it’s probably not news you wanted to hear, but I figured it was best to tell you, before it comes in the news.”
“It hasn’t been in the news before, why now?”
“Unlike before, we were not the first on the scene, reporters were.”

“And that means?”
“It means, that we get a lot more pressure to find out what is going on, and well, we also need to explain why we haven’t told anyone.”
“And that means you need to work more?”
“They would like me too, I told them no, but that I would work more at night from home, if thats okay?”
“Of course it is.. but, should we tell them, or is this maybe something they don’t need to know?”

He wasn’t quite sure how to answer her, in a way he wanted to be honest with them, but on the other side, he didn’t really want them to worry more than they already did.

“How about we talk about it if they ask?”
“Sounds good.”

He pulled her up so they could walk back home, but as he started to walk she stopped him.

“I’m sorry for what I said back then.”
“You were right to be angry.”
“Yes, but not with what I called you.”
“You mean an android?”

“I am an android you know.”
“Doesn’t make it any better.”
“Neither does hanging on to things said in the past. Now let’s head home, before someone starts to worry.”

—– At North’s place —

“You did well.”
“No, what did to them was awful.”
“It’s just humans, why are you being difficult again.”

“Just humans, you realize this makes you worse then them right. What you are doing is wrong in every single way it can be wrong.”

“I don’t have time for this, now you listen to…”

“No, you listen. I am done with this, and anything else you want to do.”
“No you are not.”

“So I need to remind you North, was I was originally made to do?”

She could feel how he was putting just enough pressure on certain points in her neck to make the metal start to bend. She had almost forgotten what Luca was originally design for, but she managed to keep her head calm despite being surprised.

“And do I need to remind you what happens if you do this?”

“I will blow up the entire room..”
“You wouldn’t?”
“Oh I would, every trace so nothing can be tracked back to me.”

As she felt ground under her feet she knew she had won for now. She knew there would be a limit, but by then, she aimed not to need his help.

“That’s what I thought. Now, like I said, we need four more, then were once again good.”
“One day North, this will all come back to haunt you.”

She looked at him as he got back to his feet and walked away. They were so close now to perfecting everything, maybe just a few more months and they could deliver their first batch of children.

“Dam I hate that woman.. come on you guys, pick up on the clues I leave…”

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