1:44 – The four of us

Pregnancy still ment a lot of sleep, comfy clothing, a very worried husband, and hours upon hours of boredom. She was still sick almost every day, but it was manageable, and most of the headaches were gone. She had to admit that she was looking forwards to having a bit more of her life back.

Marjorie was over whenever Carl was at work. Letting Liam head there, and well, let the two have their girl time. Although Ben could be a handful to have running around the house, she didn’t really mind. Was good training for the day when she had her own too running around

“I am sorta happy I didn’t have to go through all you have been through.”
“Well.. you may not have. Nagisa keeps saying every pregnancy is different.”
“Hmh, never thought of that.. even if it is the same person?”
“That’s what she said, no pregnancy is like the other.”

As they got closer and closer to her due date, she felt like she almost did nothing but sleep. For every hour she was awake it felt like she was asleep for three.

“I’d like my body and life back now.. “

She put a hand on her stomach, wondering if they could actually hear here, and if they had a say in the whole sleep thing. And if they did have a say in it, could she talk them into letting her have some more hours awake a day?

“You two are driving me up a wall.. you really are.”

It was even getting harder to play the piano now, her belly had become so big that it was almost in the way of her playing. It was really starting to get to her. She almost needed help getting down the stairs, getting up from sitting down, and just walking around the house felt like a workout.

“I hope you like music.. if not.. I guess I have tortured you as much as you have tortured me. Is that it perhaps?”

She was happy he still stayed home with her most of the time. She did notice he worked a lot of the time, but it was just good to have him there, he was also quite good at keeping her mind off everything when she needed it the most.

“So, thought about names?
“Not really.. have you?”
“Yeah.. but I kinda wanted your opinion about them.”

She had given names some thought, there was a name that came to mind from one of the children’s book he had read to her, and the other, well, that became kinda obvious on it’s own really.

“Well.. for a girl, I was thinking Luna, and for a boy.. well, Hank felt like a natural choice.”

She looked at him to measure whatever reaction he would give her, specially keeping an eye on that led light, just in case.

“Luna.. I remember those books.”
“I do too, and I loved the name when I was little, and I still do.”
“But what if there are two boys in there, or two girls?”
“I guess I need to think some more, unless you have some ideas?”

With her stomach being so big, she went back to playing the violin more. It was simply easier than trying to get her arms around her stomach and play the piano. If Jeremiah was right though, it should be time soon, something she had to admit made her nervous.

“So, today is the day huh?”
“Yeah, he said he wanted me to have it at the hospital.”
“Yeah, with how your pregnancy has been, I would say that is the right solution.”
“Did you do the same?”
“No.. I had home birth, it was fine, but I think if my pregnancy had been like yours then I think I would have chosen the hospital.”
“You mean Itsuki would have carried you there?”
“Most likely”

With Nagisa there, Liam had taken a short trip to work, there had been some new development in their case so he needed to be there with the others. He had promised to meet her at the hospital, and only said yes to going after her and Nagisa had almost forced him to accept the fourth time they called him.

“Okay.. that’s the plants taken care off, you and Uno have enough food.. I guess it’s time to go.”

She almost felt bad for leaving them at home, but she also knew that they had no reason to be with her at the hospital. She took a deep breath, and walked over to Nagisa and the waiting taxi. She was nervous, but also exited and happy on top of a little scared.

Compared to the pregnancy, the birth itself went well and compared to the horror stories she had read and heard about fairly easy. With Jeremiah’s help, she and her two babies were home just a few days later.

“And now.. we are four..”
“Sorry.. I mean six.”

She chuckled. She had made sure to let both Uno and Kaya say hello to the two little ones. Kaya immediately taking on the guardian role of her two new humans; Luna and Hank. Uno on the other hand just stayed close, but without the intens guarding that Kaya showed off.

“How does it feel to do this again?”
“Well, at least this time I know what I am doing, mostly.”
“Good, then you can teach me!”

He nodded, he would of course help her with what he had once learned. He never had two of them on the same time though, so that was a bit of a new challenge.

“I can promise you one thing though.”

She looked over at him feeding Luna, Kaya close by just watching them, and Uno lying on the bed keeping an eye on them all.

“They grow up much faster than you could imagine.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle at the comment, knowing very well that she was a very long lived child, and these did not have that genetic tweak, at least not until they could decide that for themselves.

“You realize, these two will grow up even faster?”
“Yes, and it is a spooky thought.. how will I get to read them all of Madison and Rags’s adventures?”
“You are going to read them that?”
“Of course, why would I not?”

She shook her head and smiled. In a way she found it cute that he wanted to read them those books, on the other hand, how long would it be before they both guessed that the stories were their mothers?

“Carl said you should head in to work, so I came to keep them all company, and Ben wanted to see the babies.”
“Ah, sure.”
“How is it to be a dad again.”
“Feels more like a dad this time.. last time, it was more caretaker.”

She smiled, she knew their history well, some from what he had told her, but mostly from her many and long talks with Madison.

“I’ll stay here until you come home, so take your time, I know you have a lot of work to catch up on.”
“Besides, it means I get to cuddle little babies again, it’s really the main reason.”

Liam chuckled, he knew how much Marjorie loved babies, and that it gave him some extra time at work, he was more than happy about. although he could work a lot from home, it lacked the interaction between them, something that often let you see things differently.

“I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

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