1:43 – Taking care of you

“Was I bad at this when I was little?”
“Erhm.. yes..”
“How bad?”
“I think rags would try to hide outside whenever he saw you pick that thing up.”
“Aww, poor Rags.”
“When you got better, he did like Kaya and listened instead.”

They had gotten confirmation from Jeremiah that she was indeed pregnant, and due to it being pretty hard on her, he had told her to take it very easy for the time being. It might be better after a while, but it might also not. The Violin quickly became her go too thing to do, because it mostly consisted in standing or sitting depending on how she felt.

“Aww come on… “

“Really not how I imagined it..”

Although she tried her best not to complain, the constant nausea and the pain was getting to her. Most all day long she felt like throwing up, and even her favorite food wasn’t exactly tempting.

“Hey, Liam asked me to come over, as he had to go to work, just for a few hours. How are you feeling?”
“So I see, come on though, let’s go for a slow walk, it might help.”
“You think so?”
“I hope so.”

“Now come on, let me help you up.”
“Was it like this for you?”
“No.. I think I was lucky”

She let Nagisa pretty much pull her to her feet. It was easy to forget just how strong she was. And she hoped she was right, that maybe a small walk would make her feel just a little better.

“So how was it for you?”
“Well.. I did have morning sickness, but it was just for the very first weeks.”
“Oh I hope it stops for me too then.”

The walk did help her a little. Or perhaps it was the company and the talking. Nagisa told her about things she could expect while pregnant, and of course birth. It worried her a little to hear about it all, but for now, all she really wanted was to not feel sick all the time.

Sadly the good feeling didn’t last all that long, she had started having headaches over just the last week, and they were even worse than just feeling sick.

“Not again..”

She picked up the phone, sending a message before lying down on the bed. It was a message she had agreed to just make and be able to send anytime she needed Liam to come home. He wasn’t gone very often, but the few times he was, he would always return home if she texted him.

“I don’t know if I can do this Liam..”

He wasn’t sure how to answer her, he had just spent the last hour holding her hair away from her face while she swapped between throwing up and crying from the pain. It was perhaps the worst feeling he had ever had, there was just nothing he could do, but try and comfort her and be there with her. He had of course called Jeremiah, who had promised to come by again the next day.

“Come on, lets get you a shower, and then some sleep.”

It had been twenty minutes since last time she threw up now, and the headache seemed to have lessened. So he carried her into the shower as there was no way he was going to let her try and stand on her own.

“I’m just going to get something Jeremiah said you could try, just rest.”

She really did wish she could rest, but her stomach felt sore, as if no matter how she was lying or sitting it hurt.

“Here.. try this, just a little at the time.”
“That’s his suggestion?”
“Yeah.. Cola to settle the stomach, and salty chips to help keep it down. He said to just try Cola first.”

She had a hard time believing that would do anything, but she did give it a try.

Magically it stayed down, and after a while she finally fell asleep. At first he just watched her, to make sure that she was still fine. After some hours of her sleeping, he started up his own diagnostic program. Something told him, there was still a long way to go with this pregnancy.

“I know you don’t sleep.. but it certainly looks like it.”

She did feel better after a full nights sleep, and she now knew that this cola and chips combo would probably work for the worst of the days.

“And here I am, putting you through all of this.. I guess a test tube was easier.”
“It was.”
“Ey, you were supposed to be “asleep””.

He just smiled at her and pulled her closer.

“Don’t tell anyone were playing, okay. I am not supposed too.”

Kaya didn’t seem to mind their small breach in the rules. Her pregnancy had started to show, but it was still no easy pregnancy. She slept a lot and she was still sick most of the time but she managed.

She missed work, and she missed what life was before this. But she knew it was temporary and hoped that it would be worth it in the end. She couldn’t quite help but wonder sometimes though.

“Almost so I think I can feel someone kicking.”

She had told Jeremiah she didn’t want to know what they were having. She for some reason wanted it to be a surprise, Liam simply shrugging his shoulders when she asked if he had some kinda preference. What they did know by now, was that there was two of them, which was a surprise to both.

“I see I am not needed.”

He smiled, leaving the trio to their rest, walking over to the computer instead. With him barely being at work, he spent the time when she was sleeping going over what the others had found. There hadn’t been any more missing people or androids, but the ones that had already gone missing were still missing.

“I need to figure this out.. for all of us.”

“There has to be something were missing.. there just has to be.”

They had been working so hard on this for so long, without any break through, or any real idea of who was behind it all. Had it been just females taken it would have been one thing, but there was both male and females that had been taken.

It felt like they were so close to something, yet at the same time, so far. Like if you had one missing piece of a puzzle but without it, the picture made no sense.

“You have to be in here somewhere..”

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