1:42 – No one said it would be easy

As much as she had hoped for a positive result early it soon became obvious that it wouldn’t be that easy. She tried not to get all to sad about it, but with every doctors visit where the answer was negative, she found herself slowly loosing hope.

“Another no?”
“Sadly yes..”
“How is she handling it?
“As good as can be expected.. she gets disappointed, as much as she tries to hide it.”
“Maybe take a day home with her then, I’ll call you if I find anything new, and Fred said he would be happy to help.”
“Sounds good.”

He wasn’t the one to not head to work, but he had noticed that she had slowly pulled herself a bit away from him, which was normally what he did when he had a lot on his mind.


As he got no answer, he stood there watching her wondering if he should wake her, or if maybe she just needed some rest.

“Ah, and here I though I could sneak in without you noticing.”
“Heh you thought that did you?”
“Not really, but I didn’t want you to sleep in the hot tub, at least not all alone.”

He put her arm around her, letting her lean her head on his shoulder. For a while they just sat there quietly together.

“What if I can’t get pregnant?”
“Well, the doctor said you should be able too.. but if not, then we could try and adopt from that new program you told me about?”
“Oh yeah.. I can’t believe I forgot about that.”

She seemed to lighten up a bit from the idea, and he could feel how she seemed to be more relaxed.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”
“I took a day off, I felt like just being here with you.”
“Is… is that really okay?”
“Yeh, Carl is holding the fort with Fred.”

“So what would you like to do today?”
“Oh I have a fairly good idea.. you’ll just have to say if you agree.”

They spent the day doing a bit of everything, they even tested the basketball court they had, but had never really gotten around to try. A long walk on the beach with Kaya and they ended the evening with watching a series they both agreed seemed interesting.

“I want more days like these.”
“I think I do too.”

“I guess you are not really needed anymore, but I still like tending you guys.”

He chuckled, he had been more home the last weeks, and it seemed it had a good effect on his plants, as well as Madison. It was an odd feeling it gave him, it felt good to see her so relaxed, but it also felt bad, because it left more of the work to Carl and the others at the station. But at least for the time being he was simply needed at home.

Madison had re-found her love for the Violin as well. He had told her she used to love it when she was little, and now, she had to admit she did remember why. She could spend hours just playing it, but today she found herself unfocused and feeling off.

“Meh.. maybe painting..”

She had a half finished painting, so it wouldn’t take her that long to finish it, but once again, that general feeling of not being well hit her. Was she getting sick? She hadn’t been sick since she was a teenager, so it would be a little odd.

“Meh… I guess no painting either.”

The smell of the paint just seemed to make her more sick than she already was, so in the end, she decided to just go and lie down for a while. Maybe whatever it was would go away with some rest, specially since Liam had asked if it was okay to head into work to check some stuff earlier.

He watched her a bit after he came home, it wasn’t often that he came home to her sleeping. But since she looked so peaceful he decided to let her be just a little bit longer.

“Hey is everything okay?”

He noticed a change in her face that almost instantly told him something was off. Putting his hand on her forehead to see if maybe she was running a fever.

“I just feel so awful…”
“You don’t have a fever though.”
“Maybe I am just tired?”

“Maybe, I could ask Jeremiah to come over, to check if you want? I mean, just in case?”
“I guess so.”

Her saying yes to having a doctor over was more than enough to push him over to the side of proper worry. Just as he was about to sit back up and take up his phone though, something dawned on him, something Nagisa had told them both about.

“Eh.. honey, do you remember what Nagisa told us.. about pregnancies?”
“Ehm.. no?”
“That you could feel quite ill, specially in the morning?”
“Wait.. you think?”

She sat up so quickly that he almost lost his balance, it was a look on her face he couldn’t say he had ever seen before.

“I think it warrants a checkup don’t you?”

She pulled him into a kiss, before pretty much grabbing the phone to call Jeremiah herself. She needed to know if it had finally worked and she needed to know it now.

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