1:41 – Am I doing the right thing?

After their marriage, life fairly quickly returned to normal. Apart from of course the planning of children, and how they were to go about it. After searching, talking with Carl about how they handled it, they finally started the process of it all.

“Your not nervous about this at all, are you?”
“No, I am exited.. Are you nervous?”
“Yeah, mostly because of things I did to prolong your life.”

It hadn’t actually occurred to her that it might have an effect on what they were planning.

“So it might not work?”
“I honestly don’t know.”

He had asked her if she wanted him to go with her, but she had decided that she would be fine to just go on her own after work.

“How about a run Kaya?”

He liked going for runs, and although he didn’t need to for any reason, it often helped him to clear his mind. And as Kaya loved to go for runs, it was a win win situation.

He checked his phone on occasion, they had planned to go visit Carl and Marjorie when she came home, and of course he just could not help but worry a little.

“Were you waiting?”
“In what world?”
“The worrying one.”

She smiled, it wasn’t often she could surprise him like she could now, but as she had seen the led was blue she had decided he was probably just overthinking something.

“So everything went well?”
“They said it did, so I’ll have to take their word on that one.”
“Still up for that visit?”

He smiled, part of him would have liked her to say no, but he also quite wanted to meet Ben now that he was a toddler.

“Well unless you want me to carry you there, you are going to have to move.”
“Carry me there then!”

“Oh really now?”

She squirmed as he tickled her, tryin to get away from his grasp.

“Okay, okay I’ll walk!!”

He finally let her go, and helped her up instead. It was only a twenty minute walk, and it gave them time to talk about everything she had done while they got there.

Much like he had thought, Ben and Madison hit it off immediately, and there was something he really enjoyed by just watching the two of them interact. And at least for a short while, he showed away his worry and was happy they had made their choice.

“Now now, I am sure Auntie Madison want’s to breathe for at least a minute before your next story.”

As the evening went on, Ben finally became tired enough to have his father put him to bed for some well earned sleep.

“He is a handful really, I think he will sleep well tonight if nothing else.”
“I think he is wonderful.”
“Heh.. now wait until you hear those stories every day, as if they were new.”

Liam had left for a work call, promising to be back to pick her up. It wasn’t major case, but enough for his boss to pretty much beg him to come in and help the new guy with it.

“Did they say how long time it would take before you knew?”
“No, it make take several tries, or we might get lucky and get it on the first go.”
“Exciting though?”
“Yes, and who knows, maybe he or she could be friends with Ben too.”
“Oh he would love that I think.”

-At the same time, somewhere else-

“Hi dad.. I know it’s been a while since I stopped by.”

Markus sighed, he still remembered that day as if it was yesterday. The day he had taken up the mantle off being the one to free his people, he would have to wonder forever what would have happened if he had done it differently. Would he had survived, at least a bit longer.

“I wish you were here, I wish I could ask you all the questions I have, and I wish I could apologize.”

“Am I doing the right thing dad?”

He really didn’t know anymore. He had been so angry with what had happened back then, how he had been treated, and it had colored his vision in what happened next. That and her.. those two things combined. But had it been right?

“I wanted our people to be free, but I am not sure we are. I am not sure we are free of our own fear and our own past.”

He sat down for a while, trying to think what the man he called his father would have said about all his questions. Remembering their many chess games and discussions, but mostly he just remembered how much he missed him after all these years.

“I really wish we could talk.. just one more time.”

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