“Wow.. I never thought of a pier like that, look at the fall next to it!”

His face lights up as he walks a little faster. River looking at him, nodding to himself, letting go of his hand suddenly.

“Race ya!”

He grins and runs past Rylan, towards the pier.


He sprints after, trying to catch up to River’s head start, quite quickly gaining on him, yet not managing to pass him before they reach the pier. 

“That is cheating you know!”

He leans on the railing, looking at the fall. 

“Wow, this is pretty.”

he looks over at River, smiling warmly at him.” 

“Thank you for taking us here, I love it!”

River walks the last few steps, stopping behind Rylan, slowly he places a hand over his back and looks over the pier, towards the waterfall, a smile on his lips as Rylan talks.

“Thank you for coming, that is all I can say. And you deserved it, so no need to thank me, princess.”

He kisses Rylan’s cheek gently, watching the view before he smiles and pulls out a camera and takes photos of Rylan much to Rylan’s surprise.

“I borrowed your dad’s camera.”

Rylan looks surprised at the camera and then snatches it from River, taking a picture of him as well. 

“Hmh, I am surprised he let it go, he has a thing for this camera. 

With a smile and a wink, he hands the camera back to River. 

“Can you manage one of us together though I’d like to have one, or many.. I think many.”

He smiles and puts his arms around River’s neck, once again winking at him.

“I asked nicely. Plus he wanted photos and I don’t own a camera. Couldn’t afford a camera and this trip at the same time, truth be told.”
“He’ll be tempted to go once he sees this, we are talking about the ice god who fell in love with Sulani after all.”

Rylan smiles and looks back for a few seconds, seemingly a little lost in thought, before he shakes his head and then looks back at River who chuckles and pulls Rylan closer, kissing him on the lips gently.

“Ain’t you lucky your boyfriend’s tol?”

With a grin he holds up the camera as far away from them, taking a couple of selfies of them together overseeing the waterfall

“I am very lucky my boyfriend you, tall, handsome, and kind, all the good things.”

He laces his arms around River’s neck again, having to stand on his toes to make their noses touch. 

“All the things I love you for.”
“I love you too.”

He takes the camera, holding it over them as he takes one more picture of their kiss, and then puts the camera away. 

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