1.10: Starlight, starbright

With the children now knowing the truth about their family and with the news of a new little sister or brother out of the way, the household settled into their routines again with school and homework the two things that got talked about the most.

“I mean, why do we have homework? We have to go to school, and then we have to do more schoolwork at home”

Ignis sighed as he and his sister was having another game of chess. They both found it a good way to have some fun after they had done their homework for the day.

“I guess they think it helps us learn?”

They both just shook their head in unison. They were both doing good in school, and they always did their homework but they both found it equally boring.

“So, are you going to invite Sailor over soon?”

Ignis blinked and looked at her

“Why would I do that?”

His sister just chuckled at him, moving a chess piece.

“Because you two are almost inseparable in school, but you never dare invite her home. And as your twin, I know you like her; it’s the way you look at her really”

Ignis took on a quite bright shade of red, before he quite profusely shook his head, and focused on the game they were playing. She was right in assuming he liked her, but how could he invite her home? What if she found out they were vampires and hated it?

“You should just talk to dad; he’ll know what to do”

Lena just smiled at him as they ended their game, petting her brother on the head before heading upstairs. How his sister always seemed to know what he was thinking off caught him off guard, but he decided to take her advice, and walked to find his father.

“Dad, is it okay if I invite a friend from school over?”
“Of course it is.”

Itsuki looked his son, who was clearly wanting to ask him something more.
“You’re worried because we are vampires?”
“You remember how I told you your mother wasn’t a vampire when we met right?”
“Just invite her over one day, and if she asks, just tell her the truth.”
“But what if she never wants to see me again”
“Then you give her time, and if it’s meant to be she will return when she has gotten her head around it. Remember it wasn’t all too long ago since we told you what you are”

He remembered when they told them and the surprise it was to hear it. But he still worried that she would never talk to him again, as he knew he would miss her. They had been almost as close as he was with her sister since they met at school, so the idea of losing that scared him.
Itsuki just watched his son as he walked away from him, remembering how hard it had been for him to tell his wife. Luckily she had guessed it along the way, but he hoped his son would be able to tell his friend without her having to guess.

As time went on though, Ignis still hadn’t invited his friend over, Itsuki worrying a little about it but deciding it was something he had to figure out himself.

“He’ll be fine honey”
“I know, I guess I wanted him to do better than I did”

She smiled and was about to say something when she suddenly put her hands on her now quite big belly.  Just like last time, her husband freaked out for a minute or two, as he realized she was going into labor.

“Not helping you know…”

He quickly apologized as she pretty much sent him out of the room. Just like the last time she had decided to give birth at home and soon after they could all welcome little Samuel to the family. Both Ignis and Lena helped with the baby as best they could, almost competing in whom could be the best older sibling.

“It’s almost odd how much easier it is with one than two huh?”

He smiled at his wife as he gently pulled him away from watching the two older sibling and Hiro all hovering over the little baby. He had in his mind a great idea for what this free time could be used for.

“Watch it now, or Samuel won’t be the last child we have”

He just chuckled, to him another child wouldn’t be a problem, keeping his hands off his wife around all the kids would perhaps be a bit more of a challenge.

Before they all knew it, they once again had a toddler among them. And once again they noticed how the two twins were always there to help him and teach him things. Nagisa eventually had to tell them to let him some time alone as well, although she loved them helping it could be just a little too much. As Sam was quite the charmer, he seemed to have the entire family wrapped around his little finger with Hiro being the only one that didn’t always fall for his charms.

Just as Itsuki put Sam down after playing with him, he noticed Lena and Ignis coming home from school, but what caught his attention was that they had a third person with them.

“I wonder who that could be”

He felt a hand on his shoulder, clearly his wife had known they were bringing someone with them from school, but not who

“Do you think it’s the girl he likes?”
“Only one way to find out”

Kissing him gently on the cheek she wandered over to the kids, under the pretense to ask if they were hungry and what they would like for dinner. After chatting with them a little while, she came back to him, taking him with him as she walked towards the kitchen.

“It’s Sailor, and she seems like such a sweet young lady”

The kids finished their homework together. Ignis helping out Sailor with some of the math she seemed to struggle with. Lena excusing herself to allow the two of them some time together, wandering off to see if she could help her younger brother with something.

“Just go and give them their dinner, then you leave them again.”

She gave Itsuki a somewhat stern look, getting a nod in return as he walked over to them with some dinner.

“Oh thanks dad”
“Thank you Mr. Rokuyari”

He couldn’t help but smile at being called Mr. by someone. It made him feel so old, but at the same time, it made him smile. Heading his wife’s word, he simply said he hoped they would like it, and then went back to the kitchen.

“Your dad seems so nice”

He wasn’t quite sure how to answer it, so he simply nodded. After all he knew his father was nice, but to hear Sailor say so made him uncertain of how to answer.

“Your mother too really.”

Again he found himself at a loss for words, just nodding as they were both eating. His mind was 
racing and trying to find a good way to tell her about his family. He wanted to be honest with his friend, but he had no idea how to tell her. Finally an idea came to mind, as he remembered how they both liked the stars.

“Would you like to watch the stars afterwards? Up here you can really see so many, since there are so few lights”
“Oh, lets!”

They finished their food as fast as they could, before running outside just as the sun set, and the starts started to show on the night sky. Lying there on the ground, they pointed out constellations and 
especially bright stars

“I’m happy you invited me over”
“You are?”
“I am too”

He lifted his hand to point at another star, his mind still racing to try and find a way to tell her everything. Then suddenly the words his father told him earlier rang inside his head.

“I was just worried about telling you our little family secret, were vampires after all”

She turned her head for a second looking at him, then like as if he had said nothing she pointed towards another star.


He was a bit confused, not quite sure if it was the star that was cool, or if it was what he had just told her. In the end, he figured he would leave it for now, and just go with both the star and the truth was cool.

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