List 5 facts about your most favorite Sim of yours and send this to 10 Simblrs whose Sims you adore ♥♥♥

I honestly have several favorite sims, so choosing one of them is kinda hard, but I decided on one in the end (there might have been coin flipping somewhere along the way) 


1) Loves to play the guitar as much as his father does. Often found playing together when they have the time

2) Loves to read and spend time at the library. Saying it something about rooms filled with books that makes him happy. 

3) Has an illness that makes him very home and bed/sofa bound. Unlike his brother, the two magic sides aren’t equally strong making him sick. 

4) Loves to sing as much as he loves to play the guitar, sometimes when his body lets him, he sings at a local pub in the evenings. 

5) Has a lot of patience with everyone around him, the one that can listen to someone talk for hours and still be listening and actively interrested in what they have to say. 


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