List 5 facts about your most favorite Sim of yours and send this to 10 Simblrs whose Sims you adore ♥♥♥


1) Is a god in human form. Can controll snow, ice and water at will. 

2) Loves cold, snow and of course water, yet chose to live in Sulani for years because he liked how it looked, and it of course came with an Ocean

3) Does not control anger very well. It’s the emotion he struggles the most with, as he simply hasn’t had reason to be angry very often. 

4) His kids have made his relationship with his brother much better than it originally was. 

5) Has used his powers to make Felix, the cat he got for his first Christmas with Chris, imortal, as he couldn’t bear the though off it dying. He keeps telling everyone else it’s a vet treat but it isn’t. 

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