“I have books too, that you can’t find here… you can borrow if you want?”
“Even books about dragons!”

Hayden smiled, it was kinda cute how eager he was at talking with him when he first started. 

“So you have books here?”
“Nono, in my house. I have a treehouse!”
“You live in a treehouse?”

he chuckled again, this Yvreon was really quite the character, and he had to admit he was kinda odd. Or perhaps he just wasn’t used to talking to someone like this. 

“Well then, I see it finally happened. And all this book talk better not have me carry more books home today.”
“Oh… dragon!”
“Yes, this is my twin brother Rylan. Rylan meet Yvreon.”
“Wait.. isn’t his name Ron?”

There was a sigh from Yvreon that told him enough, shaking his head a bit. 

“Sorry, Yvreon, I just thought since everyone here calls you Ron…”
“I know.. crazy Ron…”

Rylan looks at Hayden, who shakes his head a bit. 

“Why a treehouse though?”
“It fit?”
“But a treehouse?”
“Rylan, stop it, not everyone has to have an overly fancy place like we do.”
“You have a fancy place?”
“Well, compared to a treehouse..yes?”

Rylan just sighed.

“We should head home soon though, find your books yet?”
“Wait, I have one you should read.”

Hayden watches as Yvreon disappears for a while before he comes back with a book he hands him. 

“It’s a good book!”
“Ey, shall we, I already have eleven books to carry!”

Hayden chuckled, saying goodbye to Yvreon checking out his books before they headed home, looing back seeing Yvreon looking at them and waving in the window. 

“See, your biggest fan.”
“He was just fascinated by the horns, stop reading stuff into it.”

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