Forseti for @northernlightz‘s Soul Asylum 

Forseti’s name means President in modern Icelandic and the God of that name is the God of Justice and a speaker of law. A peaceful man who is often found meditating, he would preside over disputes between the Gods and Goddesses of Asgard.

The son of Nanna and Baldr, Forseti lives in a silver and gold house called Glitnir – Shining – which is said to shine so much that its radiance can be seen for miles around.

He is, to put it bluntly extremely good at mediating any kind of conflict, and would probably do well in politics. Being a tad bored with gods, he feels testing human life might be fun. He has no specific powers outside the fact that he presides over said godly disputes, he took a more worldly name as a human and goes by Daniel Olsson. 

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