1:3 – An android and a baby

Although he had read several hundred books about raising human children, he still ended up not knowing what he was supposed to do most of the time. Luckily he had some extra help he could lean on, and whenever he could he did his old rounds. Sometimes with a baby in tow, other times, he knew he could leave her in a friends care. 

“So how are you holding up Liam?”
“Not to bad.. I feel a bit like my programming is lacking.”
“So like you are not quite up to the task?”
“I guess..”
“Well, bring on any questions you have, both me and Itsuki would be happy to help”

It always felt like a secound home when he came to visit. Over the years they had become the closest he had to a family.

“Is your family okay?”
“Yeah, Itsuki is at work, and the rest are just fine.”
“That’s good.”

He could still remember the day he had met his first vampire, and how odd it felt to know that there were humans out there, who could teach him things he would never have known any other way. Like how the world was before the androids came to be, and also how it had changed everything. 

The ones he bonded closest with was Itsuki and Nagisa, two elder vampires that had lived for much longer than he could actually imagine. They slowly introduced him to the humans they knew, and also to other vampires and their own family. If he thought about it, they were probably part of the reason why two thousand years living alone had not been that bad.

“I see we have a visitor.”
“Yeah, he needed a bit of baby advice.”
“Well, then I guess we could say he is at the right place.”

They both chuckled, and with that he got pretty much every bit of info they had on babycare, once more.

“Did you ever find out what happened to your power by the way?”
“No.. every vampire I talk to seems to have the same issue. Those that were once able to turn others, no longer are.”
“Would you mind, if I drew some blood?”
“No, go ahead.”

Although he had no high hopes of finding a cure for whatever it was that was doing it, he hoped that maybe he could figure out why. He knew it was something that scared the vampire community, with babies being a rare thing as well he understood their worry. 

Having left Madison in the capable hands of Itsuki and Nagisa, he went on his normal round. Bringing them food, news, and just checking if everything was okay. Some hid in plane sight, other’s hid underground. 

“So, how is the daddy life?”
“Did you think about getting a dog or a cat?”
“I think maybe when she grows into a toddler.. I think I like dogs..”

He had no idea where that notion came from, but he was sure, that there was something in his past that made him feel that way about dogs. 

“I still think I would prefer a cat.”

He was almost at the end of his round, and although he did like her cat, he was still pretty sure he would rather have them get a dog. He would simply have to do what most androids did, as they for some reason preferred real animals to machine ones. 

“Well just adopt one then?”
“I guess so.. just have to use a fake address.”

She nodded as he put the last of the food where it was supposed to go. She was one of many that had chosen underground, but she was also one of very few who were all alone. So he always spent a little bit of extra time there, even though she mostly said she did not need him too. She had her cat after all. 

He went by the Rokuyari’s and picked up Madison on the way back, before heading back to their place. As he sat their playing by himself, his mind once again seemed to wander off to the steady sound of a sleeping baby. 

“So.. what you are saying is that you are programmed to cook?”
“No.. but I did upload a cooking program after I figured you two would burn the place down..”
“We are not that bad!”
“Ehh.. says the one burning the eggs earlier..”

They all laughed, but they also let him do the cooking for them from now on.  He didn’t mind, he could simply learn whatever was needed and just download it into his database. And, he found he quite enjoyed cooking, or perhaps it was the fact that those he cooked for always enjoyed the food so much. 

“You know.. he will say yes, if we ask.”
“I know.. but how can we ask such a thing?”

He had kept his distance to them as he always did when they pulled away from him. Yet he also stayed close enough to interfere if something should happen. What they were not aware off was how easily he could hear the two of them talking. 

“I mentioned the idea for him.”
“Yeah, I mean.. he was the one that said that bringing a child into the world as it is now, wouldn’t be good..”
“But why, why would you put that on him?”
“I didn’t, I just told him what I was thinking.”

“We don’t have to make the choice now..”
“No.. but if you really plan on helping them.. we might have too.”

The sharp noise only a screaming baby could make snapped him out from his own thoughts and back into the here and now. 

“Oh god.. how I wish I didn’t have a program with smell.. how is it possible!”

He had to admit, he wondered just how this would be when she became a toddler. Would there just be bigger diapers to change and even more smell? The books really weren’t all that clear about that.

“I guess.. I can do what she said..”

He sat by the computer since Madison was now fed, and for the moment happily making all the little baby noises he was slowly learning to enjoy. As he tapped away at the computer, the screen slowly filled with the words of a story, and it wasn’t just a random story, but it was in many ways his story. 

“I am not sure though..”

It had been Nagisa’s suggestion, to make books of the past, so that the future might perhaps learn from it. Perhaps even Madison could read them to better understand her caretaker and the world around her. 

“I hope this is a good idea..”

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  1. Cyn says:

    Haha! Poor Liam. Yes, soiled diapers can be really bad sometimes, depending on what Madison’s eaten/her routine 😉😄

    • Izayoi says:

      I worked in a kindergarden when I was younger.. yep, it could be really bad, and also, his sensors are probably better than our noses 😉

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