1-2: A promise kept

As it grew closer to the time he had been waiting for he spent more time in his house. After all, he had to be there for the last part as much as possible to make sure nothing went wrong in the last minute. He had studied all the files and although he was fairly sure he had gotten it all right, he was not the one to take any chances. 

From the pc, music was playing, it was some of her old favorites, in a language he had never heard before she played the song for him the first few times. He of course learned the language later to understand what they were singing, but he never told her that.

“Perhaps.. I can teach you.. and teach you chess too..”

He looked to his side once again, before focusing back on the game he was playing against finding himself once again missing his friends. Sometimes it was like his programming could still picture them, and make him hear their voices. 

“Oh come on Liam, you just let me win!”
“I would not…”
“Yeah.. you just did, I saw you!”

As much as he would try and deny it, they both knew that he would easily beat them both in this game, even if he had to play it blindfolded. So he just shrugged his shoulders somewhat and nodded. 

“Fine.. I let you win, happy now?”
“Not really, I will be happy the day I beat you.”
“That’s like never going to happen honey, you know that.”

She looked at the two playing. It had already been a couple of years they had lived like this, and they were slowly turning into a little family.

He sighed, finishing the last move into another draw between him and himself before walking over to the tube. Checking all the vitals and data, before sitting down in front of the tv. The androids had made their own tv channels, which actually let him keep fairly up to date on everything, even if he wasn’t out and about like he would normally be. 


The last few times he had met her, he had known to keep his distance. It would seem who he had once been had pissed her and Marcus off somewhat royally. The first time they had seen him, they had sendt their troops after him. Luckily he had managed to get away, but it had told him something about his previous life. 

As he stared at the tv, he watched her going around and talking about their great uprising, and how they had won it in the end. She talked about eradicating humans, while perhaps keeping a few as slaves, just to have them feel just like they once had. She even talked about breeding programs so that they would only keep the best slave genes in the pool. He could feel his fists clench as his anger with this woman rose. Then he once again turned his head towards the incubator he had made. 

“I promise, I will never let that happen to you, never..”

“Are you sure?”
“Yes.. they have them.. we have to try!”
“But how? The place is full of androids.. “
“I don’t know.. I know we have to try..”

He looked at the small monitor in his hands, knowing the little one was fine, and that he could stand out there for a little longer. They hadn’t known he was so close by when they had their little talk, and he still regretted not telling them he was, perhaps, it would have changed things. 

He sighed as the image of the two seemed to fade away again, standing there looking at the same spot, almost as if hoping they would reappear until the sudden beep off the monitor in his hand called him back to the here and now. 

“It’s time.”

Turning around, he swiftly walked almost jogged back into the underground house. 

“Madison.. that was the name she gave you… “

He looked down at the little baby, half wondering what he had gotten himself into. He wasn’t a nanny android, and although he had spent almost two thousand years preparing for this moment he suddenly found himself uncertain and feeling rather unprepared. 

“I am sure we will be fi..!”

He words were interrupted by the sudden scream and flailing of small arms. 

“Oh dear…”

“Okay.. so you are not hungry.. you have a new diaper.. then what is it?”

“Ah.. I see.”

It wasn’t intentional, but he ended up smiling while he was standing there.

“Well.. I’ll add that to things you like..”

“And I guess.. the rest we will just have to work out, as we go along.”

He was still worried he had taken on much more than he was made to handle, but  he had nothing but hope now, that their plan would work, and that perhaps together with the others he had found and helped through the years would be the start of something new. 

Of course it might fail, it might not work at all. He still felt though like this was a step in the right direction somehow. It could of course just be his imagination or a fault in his programming somewhere. He did self test regularly, but after so many years, even he wasn’t sure what was his normal parameters anymore.

“No pressure though.”

If the words were to himself or to the little one he wasn’t actually sure off. The one thing he was sure off though was that he would be there, every step of the way. 

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  1. Cyn says:

    Liam makes such a cute single dad imho 😉

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