Eric handed a note with a phone number to Derek.

“I’ll go away again, it keeps you know what from happening, I’ll stay away for as long as I can. If you find it, you can call me.”
“If it takes long.”
“I’ll tie Toshi up until were done, yes.”


Eric looked at Toshi who just put his head in his arms and pretended he wasn’t a part of this conversation any more.

“That will stop him from coming to you will it not?”
“And I will stop you getting to him, that is a promise.”
“Fine with me.”


There was a silence for a while, until what for Toshi felt was years, Eric stood up and said goodbye.

“Well, that was awkward.”
“Did you mean the tie me up and stop him?”
“Well, I can tie you up, and I would try and stop him, but well, you know my skills in that.”
“I am pretty sure that death stare you pulled would handle it for a while.”

Derek turned towards Toshi, patting him gently on the head.

“I think I know where the cave is, how about we go check it out, and get started?”
“And really, death stare?”
“Oh yeah… “

Derek chuckled, he didn’t know he had one of them. Hopefully, it would be enough if it came down to it, as he knew his fighting skills would not be.

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