don’t mind carrying me do you Vy?”
I’ll carry you!”

carefully picks Hayden up, carrying him gently against him, trying to
feel how he is, and smiling as he is somewhat stable, which is good. 

can go now.”

looks at his phone while they walk, seeing the setup for the shoot
nodding a little to himself, Hayden trying to peek over his shoulder
which is hard when he is being carried.

and your nosiness.”

holds up the phone so both Hayden, Vy, and Hayle can see, chuckling

like the third one.”

smiles leaning his head against Vy, he also liked the last 5 bit
knowing they involved Carl, he decided it best not to mention them.

too! The third is cute!”

is carrying Hayden close to himself. looking around as he walks,
almost antsy as if he is expecting them to be attacked for every step
that he takes, Hayden trying to make him relax a little by putting a
hand on his cheek. Rylan pointing at the building in the distance,
then turning to Hayle. 

can probably go back now if you want Hayle, I’m sure we’re safe
until we get there.”

we’ll be fine, right Vy?”

stops, putting a hand on Vy’s shoulder wishing there was some way
he could help with how insecure he had become. He had had several
long conversations with him about it, but the worry just seemed to
stick. Vy stops, hesitating a little. looks at all three of them,
especially at the way both Hayden and Hayle are looking at him, looks
at the ground, pulling on his lip, the hand on his shoulder feeling
like a small tiny safety blanket.

well be okay, I guess…”

call me if you want me to meet you when you head home then.”

pats Lobo on the head and turns back towards home, the dog wondering
why not everyone is coming but follows Hayle back home. 

be fine Vy, were close to the city and all. 

smiles, putting a hand on his cheek, still trying not to be all too
sweet around Rylan, knowing it hurts him to see them like it, even
though he would never admit to it. 

on, let’s get where we are going.”
Let’s go!”

leads them to the building holding up the door, the hustle, and bustle
inside making him happy, it will take his mind off things, at least
for a while.
watches Hayle go in silence and nods, feeling Hayden’s hand on his
cheek, it felt a bit warm, it always did now. So he just gave a small
remorseful smile as he follows Rylan, making sure to keep close to
him, looking around the building noticing all the people. 

iceberg face going to be here?”

chuckles at Vy calling him iceberg face, it had become his name in
the house after Hayden had decked him and had his hand hurt for a

yes, the five last are couple shoots, and we were both requested for

walks them over to the couch where its much cooler than anywhere else
in the building, some tubs with ice placed there to make sure it was

And Hayden.

looks at the last person, smiling her warm smile. Vy jumps startled at
Marie, stepping back instinctively.

you must be Vy, right? I’m Marie. The one you bother when you want
Yes… Yvreon…”

chuckles, stepping back a little noticing how skittish Vy seems to

I am going to steal our brother just for a few okay?”
Marie, and yes, you can steal him and yes, this is Vy or Yvreon as
his name actually is, Vy just happened along the way.”

smiles, letting Vy put him on the sofa, the life of this place always
makes him feel happy somehow.

pop by with something to eat and drink, just need to dress this one

winks and pulls Rylan with her, leaving the two to just watch what is
happening. Vy looking around the place and sinking on the couch next
to Hayden.

a lot of people here…”

is already regretting this, just expecting to be pounced at some
point. maybe have a book thrown at him or something worse? Hayden
wraps his arms around Vy protectively pulling him to him. 

you for coming with me, It’s so nice to be out-”

kisses him, just watching the hustle and bustle of the place, taking
it all in comparison to the normal quiet off home. Vysmiles a little
and kisses back.

happy you’re feeling well enough to go out.”

cups his face with a small smile.

you feel warm? Do you want to go in the bath with ice water, or are
you okay?”
fine, for now, the fans they have made it nice and cold… are you
okay? Not cold, and well… not too much with all the people?”

still keeps his arms around him as if to protect him from the world
around them, knowing he is probably scared, while at the same time in
the changing room. 

what do I need?”
yes, here, and here, these first those later, okay?”

nods as Marie leaves him to get dressed in the first set, noticing
his hands shaking slightly, pushing the thoughts away and putting
them on, and the fact that his size seems a little smaller than it
normally would.

perfect, now just the makeup and then you need to wait for like
fifteen? You can wait with your brother though, the ones before you
are using a little more time than usual.”

smiles at Rylan, who can guess who is using a bit more time. Rylan
just nodding, getting his makeup done, before returning to Hayden and
Vy, noticing Vy’s eyes going wide as he notices him. 

Marie really knows you don’t she?”

sits down next to them, fiddling with his hands, the clothing
something that seems right out of some fancy royals collection.
Hayden noticing the fiddling of the hand, which he can guess has
something to do with Carl later.

though are so not my style.”
you look like it would be”

So beautiful! Like a prince or a knight!”

looks at Hayden imagining Hayden in that type of clothing, imagining
he’d look quite as beautiful, maybe more maybe something with blue,
like his eyes, and white, like his heart. Rylan chuckling, happy he
at least didn’t call him princess. 

it is a clothing line made for Royals, so I guess it does its job

looks at Vy seeing the way he looks at Hayden and looks away again.


looks at the two, then just nodded and walked with Madelene to do the
first shoots, ignoring Carl who was watching him from his solo shoot
which had already taken thirty minutes more than it should. 

let’s get you started”

smiles as the two start to work. Hayden looks a little worriedly at
his brother, then back at Vy who is clearly thinking about something
and he can guess it has something to do with the clothing, quickly
sneaking a kiss. 

what are you imagining?”

giggles with a blush reaching his cheeks. 

think you’d look marvelous in prince clothes. 

plays with his fingers, looking sheepishly at Hayden and kissing his
lips gently.

Heartlight prince.”
I should ask Marie to dress me up as well? 

winks at Vy, caressing his cheek.

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