You can go Rylan, and you Carl, you get to see the boss.”
I am going to kill him!”

tries to stand to have his legs not work, slumping back down, with a
sight, still angry at what he just saw happen. 

soon as he comes closer…”

makes Hayden sit down, glaring daggers at Carl, for pulling that shit
and making both Rylan and Hayden upset, he gets up and walks to Carl,
realizing Carl’s taller than him only when he stands right in front
of him. 

what are you going to do little one?”

looks at Vy, realizing he thought the same off Hayden earlier and was
punched to the ground, still, this little one he can’t see as very
dangerous having noticed him look scared all day long 


has to admit he is pretty impressed with him walking up to Carl like
that, but also worried what it might bring in return. Vy Feeling a
hand on his shoulder, Rylan standing there. 

worth it, not in the least, come on, let’s just get ready to head
back home.”

glares at Carl, but he knows well he’s not violent by nature, he
looks back at Rylan then back at Carl.

is not how you gain someone’s heart, this is how you push it away.
You’re being a creep! What you’re doing is harassment and I am pretty
sure illegal! I know, I have read it. Rylan and everyone here can sue
you. If you keep being like this, someday you’re going to need
someone and you’ll have no one left to help you. You’re going to end
up alone!”

turns his back on Carl. 

not even worth getting in trouble over it, but if you upset my
friends again, I am suing you for harassment!

doesn’t really know how to sue someone but he is sure mister Chris
will help him, as he walks back to Hayden, wanting nothing more to do
with the asshat that is Carl, Carl shakes his head and walks towards
Annette’s office, knowing deep down that the little one is right in
pretty much everything he said, Marie, catching him, and making him
change before he goes to the office. 

though Vy. I’ll just go change, and I’ll come back here while
Madelene is fixing our pictures.”

smiles at both as he walks to his side of the changing room, shaking
his head slightly.

thought he was going to hit you for a second… “

pulls Vy into the sofa with him, holding him close. 

brave guardian dragon.”
was going to hit him, but I don’t like hitting people, so I did what
mister Hayle said, and looked him in the eyes and his eyes look hazy
like he’s not all there…”

reminded him of Rylan’s eyes did when he was lost somewhere in the
distance until he snapped back by Vy calling him, but he didn’t say
that part. Not that that excused Carl from being a meany

was angry, and stupid really. It worked because it surprised him.”

smiles at Vy. 

sure my hand hurt for weeks after. 

finishes changing, just standing in front of the mirror for a while,
trying to wipe away the taste of Carl on his lips, making him feel
sick to his stomach. 

is wrong… “

sighs and shakes head as he walks out to Vy and Hayden. Hayden smiles at
Vy just holding his hand, noticing Rylan as well and noticing Maire
leading Carl towards an office where he assumes Annette is. 

the pictures Madelene took of us?”
probably be here with her laptop soon, to show you so you can choose
the ones you want to be printed.” 

smiles and sits down on the sofa, happy to have them both therewith
him, it makes not thinking easier.

you are still good to wait that is?”

looks at Hayden then Rylan, then back at Hayden. 

are you feeling? Think we can wait?”
think we can wait.”

smiles at Vy and pulls him into his arms,  Rylan about to say
something when Madelene comes walking over, sitting between him and
Vy with her laptop. 

then boys, time to pick and choose, and I know one your parents will
love to have!”

chuckles and holds the laptop so they can all see, the one she clicks
first is of all three of them, looking very sharp and fancy. 

we look, fancy”
we have to get that one framed and give it to our parents one day,
like randomly out of the blue! 

almost said Christmas but stopped himself as the last Christmas was a
fairly miserable thing with everyone too tired, one person missing
and although hey had tried, it was just not the same. 

I like it a lot! So pretty!”

looks at the photos with googly eyes. looking between the two,
feeling as if it was like old times before everything went wrong.

so that one… and…”

lets Madelene show them her favorites which as Rylan has mentioned
before is pretty much always the best ones. 

think the ones you just said, they are the best, Vy? Do you want
anyone specific?”

looks at the pictures, his attention stolen for a second by Annette’s
raised voice, but focuses back on their pictures.

get them fixed, background added and then I’ll mail them to Rylan
when you are done choosing of course.”

smiles at them all, she had always loved working with Rylan, he was
popular with the readers, he was popular with the people making
clothing, yet he was always down to earth, the one that let her take
some pictures when she was just starting out and no one wanted to
work with her because her name was unknown, those pictures had lead
to her being hired, and him suggesting she could be his “go too”
photographer whenever he was doing shoots. 

love all of them! Can I keep them? Can we keep them?”

looks between them with a big smile, Madelene simply nodding. 

course you can, all it is!”

chuckles taking her laptop with her, she walks off to get to work on
adding background and so on to the shots. 

mail them for you later Rylan!”

just chuckles then looks at the two off them, an idea forming in his
head after this day where they, as he was about to say it, it became
apparent that his brother was thinking the exact same thing. 

know… I have been thinking, should we see if the others are for

stretches, knowing they should be heading home now. 

some fun again?
D&D?… I think you killed my healer last time we played…
again… And I had to make a new one!”

pouts, but there’s a small smile on his lips, clearly, he likes this
idea too, some happiness in their life, normality and going back to
how it once used to be. 

are you sure? And should we be heading home?”
not, I can keep a certain character in the group as an NPC, hired
hand, and we can just have some fun? I think we all need some fun.
Besides, it gives me something to do at night.”

smiles a little, what he does now is just hoping for another dream with
River, or just for time to pass with playing a game. 

yes, we should head home.”

stands up and stretches, noticing Annette leading Carl out, sending
him on his way as well. Almost pondering on waiting like five minutes
to be sure he didn’t run into him. 

stop killing our healers, will you? And yes, let’s go home, so the
poor people can have their air-con back.”

nods, happy with the idea, yet like always, worried with Hayden and
these ideas, he had a tendency to push himself without thinking.

you have to promise not to wear yourself out. And if you aren’t
feeling well, you tell us! You know you’re still not fully

knew he probably never would be, but Vy didn’t want to think about
that, not now, not yet, it was too painful to dwell on it.

promise, I’d just like to have some fun, like today.”

smiles, and kisses Vy gently on the cheek.

how about we head home now? I’m definitely going to need to be
carried, these legs seem to have stopped working. 

winks at Vy, Rylan just shaking his head and gets up from the sofa,
waving at Marie and Madelene to indicate they were heading off,
noticing a wave from Madelene while Marie was busy taking clothing
back where it belonged.

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