1.1 – Prologue

If they had known how much the world would change when they made the androids, then maybe they had not done it at all. But, they did not know, and with that, androids became a part of the world, and slowly and steadily they became a part of our lives. 

Not everyone was happy with this of course. There were those that lost their job, first there weren’t that many, but after a time, there were more and more jobs that the new androids could do better than their human counterparts. As more and more lost their jobs, more and more started to show their disappointment and anger in public. 

In a rare and almost unheard of interview the designer of the androids Elijah Kamsky simply waved off the concern about people complaining about loosing their job, to people complaining when the steam engine arrived. It was an argument it was hard to fight against, as who today would think of that step ahead as a bad thing?

Another question arising over time was how humans treated the androids. Like slaves and like a status symbol. After all, they were just machines, and to be treated as such? But not everyone agreed to this. Some treated their androids as friends, children and even lovers. And as time went by, there were reports of Deviants. Machines that acted out, no longer obeying their programming, even hurting people. 

As the main company behind the androids worked with local police to figure things out, the problem increased exponentially, specially with the rise of the leader of the deviant’s Marcus and his aggressive stance against the humans that refused to give his people the dignity he and those that followed him believed they deserved. Among his closest followers was North, who also known as his lover and the one that helped push him to take the more aggressive stance.

In the end, it became a war, between humans and androids, the androids having gotten their hands on several dirty bombs, quickly turning the tides in their favor, the humans of the world suffering a devastating loss. The few that survived going into hiding, both from the androids hunting them, and the radioactive downfall from the many dirty bombs. 

There was one part of the human world that was left alone, the home of the vampires. When the androids had come there, most had not come back, and the few that did told the stories about supernaturally strong humans with glowing eyes, turning into bats or mist as they tried to get to them. At first it was seen as some malfunctioning programming in the androids, but after a couple of more tries to invade, Markus and North told their followers that any vampire was to be left alone, as was their home town. With their freedom won, many vampires tried to help their human friends survive their new future. 

Not all the androids supported the cause, most were simply destroyed when found, while a few lived with their human friends, helping them anyway they could. Liam was one of them, one who had chosen humans above his own kind. Why was hard to explain, he had awoken in the factory after his predecessor had been killed, but with only part of his memory intact which only helped him decide what side he wanted to be on. 

“And this is safe?”
“And you will stay with us?”

He had bumped into them as they were fleeing the city. Why he had suddenly decided to help them he didn’t quite know, he simply knew he had too. 

“So.. what is your name?”
“I.. eh..I don’t know.”

She looked at him with a smile, she knew very well what model he was, but she didn’t want him to have a name that was now, just one humans would fear. 

“How about Liam? Does that sound like a good name?”
“Yes, I think I like Liam.”
“Then Liam it is.”

He showed them the entrance to their new living space. He had stocked up on food, drink and essentials. Deep down, he knew they would have to live there for the rest of their lives, but at least until the point of end came along, he would have to do his best to keep them alive. 

-Almost two thousand years later.-

He opened his eyes, looking out in the empty living room, still easily imagining them both there with him. He still missed them, but, he had made a promise he had to keep. He walked over to the small incubator he had made from parts over the many years he had been alone. Looking at the fetus inside, nodding to himself. 


As he walked outside, he once again felt like he could see them both there, as if their presence was somehow with him. It was a silly notion of course, they had both been dead for so long, but still it made him smile. Locking the door to what had been their home, he walked to the pier to the small boat to do the things he had done over the years to keep himself busy. The small town looked much like it had when the humans had fled it. The soil was now finally free from contamination, and he had started to grow new trees and even fruit. He had also managed to find more humans, still living in hiding and so he did what he thought they would have wished, he brought food, water and other tings they needed. He even visited the main city the androids now called home, keeping an eye on what was happening there, all, because of a promise he had made, all those years ago. 


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4 Responses to 1.1 – Prologue

  1. Cyn says:

    Such a cool sci-fi/post-apocalyptic themed story! I can’t wait for the next post ❀

  2. Trip says:

    I’m at least a little intrigued. πŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work and lovely screenshots!

    • Izayoi says:

      Thanks, we’ll see if I manage to keep it intriguing or not πŸ™‚ (I also may have played the actual game most the evening for some extra tips to use πŸ˜‰ )

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