10:8 – Endings and beginnings

After the wedding, the days were spent much like normal. The biggest difference was that they were helping with the packing and planning that Nagisa and Itsuki were in the middle of doing for their planned adventure and new life. 

“Lunos, don’t bark.”
“He is just talking to the TV honey.”
“But I can’t hear the music.”

It didn’t take long though for both of them to be up there, and dancing their cute TV dance together. Rosalie just smiling at the two. Even for her it would be strange when they left, but for now, she tried to keep things as normal as she could. 

“How are you holding up?”
“Oddly well, I am not sure why, but I guess perhaps because I know it’s not like their gone, they just won’t be living right here.”
“Hmh.. could be, and perhaps deep down, you know they deserve it, and that it’s not like it really changes anything, unless you want it too.”

They knew Itsuki was making one last chapter of their family book, where he also explained the “end” as he so dramatically had called it. He had after all written a book for every time their was a new heir, just because in the end, it would be hard to remember it all. 

“So, how about us, what would you like to do?”
“Oh come on, I wasn’t thinking about that.”

Carl just chuckled, he hadn’t actually thought to much about what they should do after they left. He had all he wanted really. The woman he loved, children, a large family and his trusty friend Lunos. To him, that was pretty much a perfect life. 

“I honestly have all I could ever wish for, so if you have anything you want, then just say so, we’ll make it happen.”

“Well.. I always did want kids..”
“Wait.. you just said..”

He didn’t get to finish that sentence, even though he could her a light chuckle from her. Not that he was hard to ask, he enjoyed having kids, almost as much as he enjoyed the trying. 

“Did I mention I love you?”
“Several times, but you can always remind me.”


If there was someone Lunos was almost as close to as Carl, it was Marie. They reminded Nagisa of how Carl and the dog had been when he was her age, and she couldn’t help but find it so very cute. 

“Having secound thoughts?”
“Yes.. and no.. and so on.”

She felt her husbands arms around her. They had both probably thought it over more times than they would like to admit, and she was sure, the first weeks would be the worst for the both of them. 

“Carl showed me this phone thing though, we can phone them with it, and even have a video chat whenever we want to.”
“Ooooh, I do love new tech.”

He was much better with all the new tech than she was, but she did like the idea. That way, they could be close to their family, even though they would be further away. 

“You leave?”
“Yeah, soon, but not right now.”

It pulled on every heartstrings she had whenever the two toddlers came up to her and asked her that question. They had prepared them for what would happen, but as always, time was always harder to explain to them than anything else.

“You say bye before?”

They hadn’t been sure if they should do that, or if they should just leave quietly. They had talked with Carl and Rosalie about it, and they had been as unsure about it as they had. 

“I think so, but you will have daddy teach you how to talk to us and see us okay?”

“So.. in half an hour?”
“Yeah, I told Rosalie before she went to work, so she knows.”
“And you are still sure?”
“Yeah, I mean, it would be mean to say goodbye like we did, and then not leave.”

Carl and the kids had taken Lunos for a walk. Rosalie was at work, much as they had agreed on. That way, they wouldn’t have to handle crying children and probably tears of their own. 

“It was so nice yesterday, Rosalie made food worthy of a restaurant, and everyone just seemed happy.”
“Yeah, and I liked her idea of not making a huge deal of it, just a family dinner, and then tell them were leaving today.”

They had expected it to be more tears, but with the food and dessert taking so much of the kids attention, it seemed they managed to make it all into a positive thing. 

“I am ready, are you?”
“Come on then.”

They heard the car pull up outside the house, their luggage already ready for the driver to pick up for them. It wasn’t much, just what they needed to travel, the rest they would have sent to their new house when they were away. 

Carl watched them leave as he and the kids had returned home when he noticed them head out of the house. He was the only one of the three that saw them walk away from the house, talking, presumably about what they were going to do now. 

In so many ways they had given him everything, they had, after all given their family everything. Stability, safety, understanding that one could probably only learn over several hundred years of dealing with it all. Feeling Ian’s eyes on him, he turned around, determined not to ruin the moment the two were having. 

“Come on you two, how about popcorn?”
“Can we help, and watch it pop??”
“Of course.”

The taxi doors shut behind them, and with one last look towards the house, they were off on their own adventure, the first since they had met over a thousand years ago.

(Authors note: After 1.5 year of playing and writing this story, I find myself with it being done. It is a very odd feeling, and I know I will miss them. As for the ending, this was one of three endings I had in my mind, and the one the dice landed on. This was what I called their happy ending, there was a normal ending, and of course there was a sad ending. I am quite happy I did not need to type the sad one, cause that would have broken my heart repeatedly writing it. (Thank you dice, thank you). Now thought, I am starting my second story, and who knows, maybe you see some familiar faces still around. Thanks for reading!)

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