“Well if you do that, then I get to do more work. It’s what happened after Hayden knocked him out, I had twice the workload for a couple of weeks. Besides the answer to all these questions, we get now”

As they reach the building where he works, he opens the door for River, the sound of a normal workday from inside.River stiffening slightly from tall the noise but lets Rylan lead him inside. 

“Into the dragons den we go.”
“Hmh, I’d call home that, as far as I know, I am the only one here.”

He looks around, noticing Marie who also notices them, and waves at them walking their way. 

“Well look who is finally back home huh? And good, because if I had to hit him today I am sure my hand would break”

Marie chuckles lightly leading them both to the dressing room where Rylan’s clothing is already laid out for him.Rylan chuckling, knowing she had said it many times that she wanted to hit him. 

“I’ll come back in a few so we can check it all sits right.”
“Yeah, I’ll be ready. “

He looks at the clothing, it’s from a new men’s line, and he had to admit he quite liked how it looked. River looking at him then the clothing. 

“I think they’ll look beautiful on you.”
“I’m pretty sure they would look good on you too.”

He takes the clothing, and goes to the small changing room, hanging up his current clothing, before putting on the ones to show off, then walks back out to River. 

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