they really expect anyone to use this?”
“What do you think? On the label, it says its sportswear for those that do not
like sports… “

He looks at River, already having decided he thought
it looked ridiculous when he looked at himself in the mirror. River just
looking at him, as if he suddenly noticed what he was wearing, clearly too
focused on Carl to realize before then. The clothing was very over the top with
gold and diamonds and just everything he never wanted to have on him when he
was actually exercising. At first, he just stares at Rylan, then he starts
snickering, covering his mouth to try and not burst out laughing. 

“Sorry, you look beautiful but it’s so not you! “
“You can laugh, none of those that own the clothing are here, so they won’t be
offended, and I won’t either.”

He looks at Madelene who nods, then gets ready for the
shots needed to send to the possible customer. 

“And heck, only you could make this look somewhat
elegant, it makes me happy I am not rich and will never buy this crap”

She chuckles as she takes the pictures, shaking her
head a bit at the whole collection that is in a magazine next to her. 

“You look snazzy.”

River snickers and his mouth, so he doesn’t cackle, as
it sounds odd and usually triggers other things he doesn’t like. 


Rylan chuckles, finishing the shoot 

“Why anyone would wear this is beyond me, I mean…
Everyone realizes you can’t exercise in it.”

He walks up to River, watching Madelene set up the
test shots, shaking his head at how the clothing looks on the pictures. His
attention stolen by River, who puts a hand on his cheek and kisses him, still

“My snazzy little princess.”
“Oh no… I refuse that nickname!”

He smirks trying his best not to laugh, hearing
Madelene snicker

“These are good… oh snazzy one! You may change.”

Rylan puts a finger on River’s nose, then winks at him

“I blame you for this, so you know!”

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