building will need some tlc, but I’m sure if you want too I mean, it’s not too
hard to fix. If it’s something you want and can do?”

His mind plays with the idea of having the shelter, to
work there and at the modeling agency had been his dream, but he didn’t want to
push that on River. There was also his mom of course. He had seen the number
and the address, but he would simply let that be for now. 

“I can go to college… She left me some money to help
for college…Take veterinary classes, open the shelter, open a proper
shelter… Our shelter…”

Rylan smiles just from him talking about it. 

“Our shelter… I know this is pretty new, I mean you
just found out… “

He gets somewhat stuck in his own thoughts, trying to
find a way to suggest with them helping out money-wise with the restoration,
without it feeling wrong.

“Our shelter… yes, I like this idea..”
“Yeah, I think I know someone else who will be thrilled to hear this news, and
it’s not Lobo”

He chuckles, knowing both his brother and Vy, even his
parents will be extremely happy about this news. 

“Apart from your degree, and fixing up the place…
What else do we need?” 

He keeps smiling as they walk towards home, passing
the building in question along the way.

“I need to see what my mother left. If she left behind
the equipment, we won’t need much. Just clean up and fix up the place, then we
need to regulate the licenses to have it open… that type of stuff.”
“And since I have no idea, how long is that education? To become a vet I mean?”
“It depends on how many classes by term I’m willing to do. But around three
terms I think…Maybe I could work and study at the same time. We can go check
the building 
“Just two, early in the morning, so we could use the rest of the day to check
things out and put together a plan for how to move forward. You did a lot of
the same work your mom did, so I guess you could do both… “

He nods, imagining the shelter in working order, all
of them working there again bringing a smile to his face. River looks at Rylan,
the smile on his face everything he needed to know. Bringing back the shelter
was something that would make Rylan happy again and to him, that was more than
enough to become resolute in his decision.

“Okay. Tomorrow afternoon, we start the work of
opening up the shelter! “

He takes Rylan’s hand in his as they walk down home

“A shelter for both normal and magical pets. I think
that might be a first.”

He chuckles happily. 

“Fitting that the owner is a Veterinary mage, who has
a staff of dragons.”
“It will be a first. The best of two or three worlds.”
“It will be great I think…”

He grins realizing how odd that sounds when he says it
out loud, the house coming into view as they keep walking, wondering when River
would like to tell the others. This is his news to tell after all. 

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