dinner first and then tell them the news?”
“News at dinner I guess.”

He opens the door without thinking, finding himself
tackled by a very veery happy Lobo who almost topples him over. 

“Welcome home you two.”

He sits in the sofa with Hayle, Felix sleeping on his

“Hey… Okay Lobo, its good to see you too! Any dinner
wishes, as I assume Vy is not home?”
“Dad’s picking him up, and hmh, dunno, something River would like maybe?”
“I’ll eat anything, really. I didn’t know Rylan had grown into such a skilled
“A surprise it is then!”

River chuckles as Lobo turn’s his attention to his
former owner, River petting him and following Rylan into the room. Rylan just
smiling at them, deciding to make Sushi as it is something everyone can eat
without it needing to be cooled down. He smiles to himself walking into the
kitchen Lobo following him in hopes of scraps like he always does. 

“How you feeling, Hayden?”
“Good enough, how was your day?”
“Well. We found a few good things and I got to glare menacingly at Carl. Heard
you decked him”

He watches Rylan walk into the kitchen

“Do you want help?”

He walks slowly towards the kitchen, staying between
the two rooms.

“Or should I wait?”
“I’ll be fine, so I guess it comes down to if you want the dinner to be a
surprise or if you want to know what you are having.”
“I kinda wanna be surprised. But I also want to help. Dilemma!”
“You choose then.”

Hayden chuckled slightly from River having heard the
story of him hitting Carl, he would gladly do it again if he could, but when
standing was often hard enough, hitting someone became much more foreign to
him. Rylan starting on their dinner, deciding to add some salad as he knew
someone who was fairly bored with rice these days. 

“I did, I admit I was uncertain if that broke my hand
for a bit, but it seems my hand is stronger than I thought. And good, he needs
those glares.”
“I’m glad you decked him. I feel like doing it myself for good measure.”
“Well, just remember ice for your hand afterward. That jaw is as hard as it
“I’ll make sure to remember that. He’s truly creepy, to be honest, unsettling

He looks back, hearing Chris from the door which means
Vy is home as well, which makes him smile, it was always good to have Vy home,
even if he knew he was perfectly fine with his dads as well. Vy comes in with
Chris, somewhat sheepish, standing behind Chris, his clothes appear singed and
one can feel energy exuding out of him.

“We’re home!”

Hayden notices how Vy looks, feeling the magic all the
way where he sits.. 

“ Vy! What did they do to you!”

As much as he wants to stand up and march all the way
to RoM, he knows he wouldn’t make it to the door, just staring at his
boyfriend, his mind racing on what they have done to him today…

“I’m okay!”

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