10:7 – Mine forever

“What are you looking for?”
“Oh.. just this and that.”
“This and that?”

She pointed at the screen where their first travel destination was shown before realizing that he of course couldn’t see, and telling him instead. They had decided to start their new life with a bit of travel, while they on the side would find a place to again call their own. 

“And you are sure you want this?”

She looked back at Carl, who was looking at where he assumed the screen was from memory. Chuckling a little as he wasn’t really close to where the screen actually was. 

“I am, I think over a thousand years of this is enough, don’t you?”
“I guess so.. “
“Oh.. I was just wondering what to do.. I mean.. I am the heir, I can pass it on, or I can just leave it.”
“Why don’t you just see what happens?”
“Aye.. that is a possibility too.”

She talked him through the final part of their route, and then pressed the order button. That way, there was no second guessing, and no real turning back.

“But not before our wedding?”
“Defiantly not!”

He felt the familiar hand on his shoulder from Itsuki who’m had joined them. 

“I would refuse to miss out on that.”

Before their wedding though, it was the twins birthday. They had initially planned to have their wedding when they were children, but with Itsuki and Nagisa now wanting to move on with their life, they had decided to do it when they were toddlers. 


They had already been over the no pulling off ears and tails, and at least for now it seemed as if they were listening fairly well. It helped that Lunos had training in being around toddlers, and knew how to say when it was enough. 

“They kinda remind me of you and him, when you were that small.”
“They do huh?”
“Yeah, you always told Lunos every secret. You two were inseparable from the start.”
“Do you think us using the treats to keep him young is wrong?”

Nagisa looked over at Carl, who turned his head towards her. 

“No.. I think you will know when he has had enough, you two are too linked for you not to know when it is time.”

Carl could only hope she was right. He knew that both Luno’s siblings were dead, so he was the only one left now. 

“Now. come on, you have a suit to put on.”

“And here I was thinking I would put a suit on.”
“Will have to wait until this flying machine has landed.”

Carl just smiled, something he seemed to be doing steadily more of these days. Perhaps it was because he no longer had the time to sit around and worry, or maybe it was that he didn’t need to worry as much anymore. Of that he wasn’t sure, but it was a nice change in his life. 

“A night wedding, I never imagined that.”
“Well not all off us are sun proof, and some are just sensitive to it’s general existence.”
“Yeah. you told me that.. “

He had told her before she turned, but she had not had any reaction to the sun as a vampire. 

“So they are still leaving?”
“Yep, she told me all her travel plans the other day.”
“I think they will have a whole lot of fun.”

She put Maria down, it was good to see him so calm about it all. She had worried that them leaving would make him go back to more worrying, but so far, it seemed he was handling it just perfectly.

“And.. ?”
“And what?”
“What will you choose?”
“You mean apart from you?”
“Yeah.. the legacy and all that.”
“I figured.. I would tell them the story, maybe we can write it down and then when they are ready, they can make their own decision of what they want?”
“I agree, I guess we can ask Itsuki to write it?”
“Yeah, he would be happy too I think.”

She walked over to the closet where she knew his suit was. Even though she knew he couldn’t see her, she had been bossy about one thing. 

“Here, your suit, not out you go, and I’ll see you there.”

“A stormy night wedding.”
“Yeah.. “
“I think.. that’s a first”

Itsuki nodded and put his arm around his wife. They had been to many a wedding, but he too was pretty sure that they had never had a thunder storm in one. 

“I like it.”

They both turned around to see Carl standing there, one twin in each arm, having carried them up the stairs. 

“I guess you been here a lot.”
“Couldn’t be stumbling around on my own wedding could I?”

He had been there several times the last weeks, just getting to know where everything was and making it almost as familiar as his own house. 

“Now, I’ll leave these to rascals to you, while I still can.”

“On this day,
I give you my heart,
My promise,
That I will walk with you,
Hand in hand,
Wherever our journey leads us,
Living, learning, loving,


They couldn’t help but chuckle at the instant reaction from their twins with the mention of cake. Both heading do the stairs as quickly as their little feet could carry them. 

“So that’s why they were so well behaved?”
“Yep, a little bribe was needed.”

After giving both their kids their promised cake, it was time for theirs. She had been working very hard to find a cake they could eat, and in the end, with some help from Jessica, they had found one that their stomachs seemed to be able to handle. 

“Hmh.. first time I eat cake since I was a child.”
“I think I need to taste some more.”

She chuckled, noticing two others that would also want some more. Almost the entire family had made it, so it was what Nagisa had wanted. They had made Itsuki call them all, as they remembered he had mentioned it had been her dream to have all her family together again.

“So.. ready for the traditional pictures?”

Andy held out his camera, and although he knew there was one more that would have wanted the job, he was still very happy that they kept the tradition of having him take them. 

“Oh.. Jonathan gave me some new filters, mind if I try them?
“nah, go for it.”
“And you wanted a couple with the kids?”

“More cake?”

He could hear his wife chuckle, as he nodded. 

“Why not, lets have some more cake!”

She watched him tell his children to guide him, and she made a mental note of thanking Lunos one more time. Never in her life had she thought she would have all this, yet here she stood as one of them. 

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