10-6: The arrival

“Almost time now, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, Jeremiah want’s me in soon I think.”

Carl had said that he wanted her to be in the hospital when they got closer too the time, and with his general worried nature, she had simply agreed with him. 

“Always such a worrier.”
“Well, if it makes him feel less worried, then I think it’s just as well.”

“Oh don’t you start to give me that worried look too. It’s fine.”

She chuckled as whenever she was alone, Lunos was sure to be with her. Sometimes she could swear that this dog was an extension of Carl, so whenever he was at work, he would do the worrying for him. 

“Hmh.. who can that be?”

They both turned their head at the same time when the doorbell rang. They weren’t really expecting anyone, then again, with the weather, perhaps it was someone just seeking shelter. 

“Come on, let’s see who it is.”

She didn’t know the person, but, she soon understood that Lunos knew who it was. 

“Ah.. I’m sorry, I was just out jogging, and the thunderstorm happened. Would you mind terribly if I hid here for a while?”
“Ehm.. I guess not.”
“Oh.. Jonathan, nice to see you sir.”
“Oh come Hana, don’t call me sir?”
“As you wish Sir.”

As Hana and the man both chuckled, it suddenly dawned on her who the man she had just let in was. She knew the name of Carl’s father, even though they had never actually met.

“I’m sorry.. but would you mind if I sat down?”

Jonathan shook his head, and motioned to the sofa not to far from where they were standing. 

“You must be Rosalie, Carl has talked about you.”
“He has?”
“Pretty much every time he has called us..”

She smiled, he didn’t talk to much about his parents when he was home, and part of her had wondered if it was because of their rather sneaky push, but with what his dad just told her, she started to think that he just didn’t think to much about them when he was at home. 

“I also hear a wedding is in the plans?”
“Yeah, when these are children, so they can be there with us.”

Jonathan nodded. He understood their decision, and mainly he and Skylar was just happy he had found the right one. They sat and talked for a while, until the rain finally stopped and several coffee cups was empty. 

“I’ll see you at the wedding then, at the latest.”

She waved as she watched him run out into what was still fairly wet grass. She had to admit she wanted to meet more of Carl’s family, but she also knew that it was a very big family.

“I wonder how many I can have him invite..”

“Honestly, she can stay home for weeks still.”
“But what if they come early!”
“Then I’ll handle it, I can take some time off work and be here for her, okay?”
“I guess..”

The look he got from his grandma told him this was a lost battle. He would have liked them to be at the hospital, but he also understood that she would like to stay home a little longer. With Nagisa’s promise to be home with her though, he felt somewhat more relaxed. 

“And you call me immediately.. right?”
“Yes, I will call you if it is time, deal?”

She could still hear that small worry in his voice, but she was quite happy she had gotten her way. 

She had gotten into painting at the end of her pregnancy, and although she knew she had a long way to go before she could make something as fancy as Nagisa was making, she did really enjoy messing around with the paints. 

“Watchdog huh?”

He gave Lunos a pet on the head, before walking over to his fiancee, giving her a hug before heading off to work. He knew he still had one more question to ask her, but he had decided to wait until the babies had been born. It wasn’t like she could be turned while pregnant anyways, and it gave him time to find the right words to use for that question. 

“You take good care of them then.”

He waved, and headed off to work, which lately was always mixed with the worry that he would get a phone when he was there. His employers all knew though, so he was free to head out if that call came. He had no concerts just practice and teaching. 

“You did call him right?”
“Yes, and he is on his way.”

Although she had been prepared, she had to admit she was a little worried. But it didn’t take long before she heard his voice, as he was led in by a nurse. 

“There we go, now then, this will be painless and no problem.”

Jeremiah smiled, he had delivered his fair share of babies over the years, and it was one of his favorite things to do in the hospital. Much like he had promised everything went as it was supposed too, and soon the twins Ian and Maria had seen their first faces in the world. 

“How’s it feeling?”
“Good.. oddly soothing.”

He smiled, putting an arm around her. He had worried so much before they were born, but after, it was been like they had kept him calm. Perhaps he simply didn’t want to transfer his own worry on them, he wasn’t really sure, but he was enjoying it. 

“But.. I have to ask you something.. “
“Yeah.. I mean, I am marrying you, but as I mentioned, that comes with a question of it’s own.”
“The answer to that question is yes, so how is it done?”

“Well.. something tells me you will be quite a handful.”

He had quickly adapted to caring for the two babies, he could quite easily tell them apart from the sounds they made, and well, they had made a deal of keeping them in their one crib and not swap them around. 

“Ian still fuzzing.”
“With every ounce of his tiny body yes..”

He just shrugged his shoulders and lifted the tiny screaming one back up into his arms. 

“He is going to end up being such a daddy’s boy you know.”
“You think?”
“Yeah, he never calms that way when I cuddle him.”

He had to admit, that worried him and made him feel pretty great at the same time. One thing he was very clear with himself about was to not transfer his own habit of worrying onto his kids, even though he knew that would be hard. 

“How are you feeling?”
“Mostly like Nagisa once said.. hungry, all the time, but food tastes awful.”

He could only nod, after all he was born a vampire, and barely remembered how food tasted. For her though, their had been some thing to take into consideration. With a bit of help from Andy and his many concoctions they were at least fairly sure her career as a chef wouldn’t be affected by her vampire-ism. He had found a way to soothe the stomach so to say. 

“Just stay home until the change is done, that way, you can get a feel for it.”

It wasn’t often she was away from work, but she could luckily use the birth of her children as her official excuse. 

“I wonder what he is thinking.”
“I can bet new little ones to play with.. my mom told me he was the same with us.”

They had noticed that Lunos spent a lot of time by the babies cribs. Guarding them, and of course getting them if they started crying when no one was around. 

“Thanks for helping me with this.”

After the birth of her babies and the transition into being a vampire, she had found that she wanted to exercise a bit more. She knew that of them all Itsuki was the one that seemed to live in their exercise room, so it had been natural for her to ask him for some guidance. 

“Your doing just fine, when you get more used to it, we can do more hill climbs on it. But for now, its a matter of getting used to running on it.”

She nodded. She had almost fallen a couple of times, so just having him there made it feel much safer. 

“Taking a break huh?”

She couldn’t help but smile at the sleeping dog behind her. He was now a very busy one, with two babies and Carl to watch over. She was at least very happy that the treats still worked, and that he was still a “young” dog. 

” A break sounds nice though..”

She nodded. They had talked more about it, and had decided that after they had been married, and the kids were a bit older, they would ease them into the notion of the rules being gone, and pretty much everyone being free to do what they wanted.

“They’ll just have to tell me one day..”

It was that feeling of change that he was tuned into, perhaps it was that he was blind, but he had noticed a change in both of them. Like they were preparing for something. 

“I’m sure it will be fine.. whatever it is.”

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